Types of Sauce Filling Machines

Types of Sauce Filling Machines

Types of Sauce Filling Machines

The size and shape of your packaging bottles will determine the type of sauce filling machine that works best for you. Some machines let you select a custom fill time while others automatically pick up and empty containers after each fill cycle.

Piston filler machines work well for thick sauces like salsa or chutney. These are a little more challenging than pourable sauces which can be filled by gravity or overflow fillers.

High Viscosity Piston Filler Machine

The high-viscosity piston filler is a versatile solution for filling a wide variety of products. It can handle water thin liquids, as well as high-viscosity paste and cream with chunks and particulates. The machine is easy to set up and operate, and it requires very little maintenance. It’s also easy to clean and sanitize, making it ideal for food manufacturers.

Servo controls in both the pistons and nozzles give manufacturers the ultimate control over their viscous sauce filling process, from speed to nozzle depth. This eliminates the need for external air supply that may fluctuate during production, which saves manufacturers money on utilities. It can also be configured with a buffer tank, allowing for product delivery from your bulk tank to the pistons in a controlled way.

Piston fillers are designed for maximum efficiency, keeping bottle waste to a minimum and maintaining accurate, consistent fill volumes. They’re perfect for a range of viscous products like ketchup, mayonnaise, and even peanut butter. Unlike overflow fillers, which can cause inconsistent fill volumes and wasted product, servo-driven piston fillers allow for precision, consistency, and efficiency. This translates into higher ROI for producers, and higher quality for their end customers. The Shemesh STRATUM is an ideal solution for high-viscosity sauces, as well as cosmetic creams, salsas, and oils. It’s made from sanitary stainless-steel and meets cGMP requirements.

Semi-Automatic Piston Filler Machine

The Semi-automatic piston filler machine is a great choice for high viscous products like ketchup, salsa, salad dressings, heavy sauces, and other foods with chunks and large particulates. These machines can also be used for chemical products such as paints and cleaning solutions. These fillers are typically built to meet food grade standards and can accommodate a wide range of bottle sizes and shapes. This type of machine is designed to speed up production lines in liquid bottling operations.

A piston liquid filler works by allowing product to enter the empty cylinder, then pushing it into waiting containers during each cycle. This allows for a highly accurate automatic sauce filling machine volumetric fill that remains consistent from cycle to cycle. The size of the cylinder and the length of the piston stroke will determine the volume that is filled with each cycle. Changing these settings will allow the operator to adjust the amount of product that is dispensed with each push of the piston.

These machines can be operated manually or in a fully automatic fashion, depending on the production requirements and size of the operation. Manual machines require the operator to place the container underneath the dispensing mechanism and manually initiate each cycle with a foot or hand switch. Automated machines will utilize power conveyor systems, indexing systems and tank floats to remove as much of the operator input as possible.

Automatic Sauce Pouch Filling Machine

Whether you need to package oil, vinegar, tomato sauce, honey, or syrup, this machine can help you do it quickly and effectively. It features an advanced PLC and sensors that ensure precise measurements and high-quality packaging. It also uses a servo system to control the piston strokes, saving energy and increasing stability. The machine can operate at high speeds, which means that you can crank out up to 60 packages per minute.

Besides packing sauces into bags, it can also pack liquids into premade sachets. These sachets can be sealed on the top or side. The machine can be semi-automatic or fully automatic. The machines can pick up full containers after each cycle and replace them with empty ones automatically. This ensures that the product is packed properly and maintains its integrity.

These pouch filling machines are suitable for all types of food and beverage products, from low to high viscosity. Depending on the type of product you are packing, you may need to choose a machine that has been specially designed to handle the density of the liquid.

This is because different types of products require different viscosity and pressure. Getting a high-quality machine that is specially designed for your specific product will prevent any errors during the production process. This will reduce the risk of contamination and improve overall productivity.


Sauces, salsas, dressings, and ketchup are high-demand products that need to be packaged quickly and accurately. Investing in a liquid filling machine is one of the best ways to do this. However, it is important to find a quality machine that will not only perform well but also save you time and money in the long run. The right machine can help you increase the speed and accuracy of your production line while also reducing product waste.

There are many different types of sauce packaging machines available on the market, each with its own unique set of features. Some have a higher price point, but they are worth the investment automatic sauce filling machine because of the superior performance they provide. In addition, a good manufacturer will stand behind the quality of their machine by offering a warranty that will cover any unforeseen expenses.

The rotary valve of the automatic sauce filling machine is designed to shorten the distance between the lower hopper and the filling head, which helps to avoid stratification. In addition, the hopper is equipped with a horizontal mixing agitator to ensure that the product is evenly mixed before it is filled into the bottles. In addition, the filling heads are adjustable and can be modified according to the size of your bottle. The nozzle is also designed to be placed at the center of the bottom of the bottle.

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