John Deere LED Work Light

John Deere LED Work Light

John Deere LED Work Light

John Deere LED Work Light

LED technology mimics natural sunlight, making it easier on your eyes as well as your tractor. These lights also consume less power, putting less strain on your engine and battery.

This light replaces the front upper cab or rear fender work light on premium John Deere tractors. It has a 180 degree rotation and includes mounting hardware.


The UTV354 is a complete plug-and-play LED Work Light that can replace the Front Upper Cab, Rear Fender or Work Light on Premium John Deere models. This unit provides 2130 effective lumens to double your tractor’s illumination capabilities and can be mounted on the fender or under the cab roof. It features a black housing to match the OEM appearance of your machine and comes with the OEM plug connector.

Using a powerful white LED bulb, this high-performance light penetrates the darkness of night to brighten up to four times as much area as standard halogen lights. This intense lighting allows everyone from farmers working in the field at night to off-road vehicle drivers to get a clear view of what’s ahead. These lights are designed to withstand tough environments with filters that eliminate radio and electromagnetic frequencies, die-cast aluminum housing/heat sink for strength and hardness, and stainless steel hardware.

Another benefit of LED lights is they use less electrical power compared to sealed beam bulbs, making them easier on your tractor’s battery and alternator. They also last John Deere LED Work Light significantly longer than traditional bulbs, meaning you won’t have to worry about replacing your LEDs as often. These factors result in significant cost savings over the life of your tractors and agricultural equipment. With a 40,000 hour lifetime rating compared to 2,000 hours for a sealed beam light, this is a worthwhile investment that will pay off many times over.


Unlike other tractor lights on the market, this LED light kit has a higher color temperature of 6000K. The higher color temperature helps the human eye function and see objects better in low-visibility conditions. It also has a higher operating voltage to ensure that it can provide adequate illumination for various low-lighting environments, surroundings, and weather elements.

This upgrade kit is a direct replacement for the original cab lights on premium John Deere tractors. It mounts easily in existing lamp holders and uses original wiring, so it can be used as a plug-and-play upgrade without changing the cab’s appearance. The cab light has a sleek design that is made of aluminum and has a durable polycarbonate lens. It is designed to last for a long time, thanks to the high-quality material and stainless steel hardware.

The LED light produces 2130 effective lumens, a significant improvement over halogen bulbs. This allows you to see far down the rows and around the bend at night, which will increase your productivity John Deere LED Work Light and safety while working. Additionally, LED technology consumes less electrical power and is easier on the battery and alternator than traditional bulbs. It is also eco-friendly, as it does not produce harmful UV or infrared radiation like halogen bulbs. Moreover, the LED bulbs are fully recyclable and do not contain hazardous materials such as mercury.


The LED lights feature the latest sealed technology that helps them remain water-resistant and shockproof. The advanced design also offers a faster cooling rate, making them more durable and longer-lasting than other LED lights for John Deere. The LED light has a high color temperature of 6000 K, which makes it more visible in low-light conditions. The light is also rust-resistant and can withstand various weather elements, including snow, rain, dust, and sand.

The easy-to-install LED lights make it simple to upgrade your tractor and improve your visibility at night. The lights are up to 330 percent brighter than halogen bulbs, giving you the ability to see down rows and around corners better. They also consume less power, which means they’re easier on your battery and alternator.

To install the LED lights, simply cut a hole in the reflectors, insert the LED light, and screw it into place. Next, attach the wires from the LED light to the wiring connections on the tractor. Once the wires are attached, connect them to the light switch and turn on the switch. The lights will begin to flash in a pattern that you can change by touching the butt connector with a wire.

The kit is complete with all parts needed to replace the upper cab, side row finder, and stubble, field, and auger lights on your John Deere Series S, T, or W tractor. It includes a durable polycarbonate lens, is RoHS compliant, and comes with stainless steel hardware.


A quality work light is a valuable investment, and some brands offer warranty coverage. Husky’s rechargeable LED work light, for example, has a three-year warranty that covers replacement if it fails during that time. This model has a handle for easy carrying and can pivot 360 degrees for maximum positioning flexibility. It’s rated for temporary damp location use and has non-marring feet that shouldn’t scratch surfaces.

Other models include filters that eliminate radio and electromagnetic interference (EMI). The aluminum housing acts as a heat sink, dissipating excess energy to keep the LED bulbs cool. This helps to extend the bulb’s lifespan and increases light output.

Newer LED bulbs often use chip-on-board technology that allows more LEDs to be mounted on the bulb’s surface, resulting in higher lumens. LED lights also typically draw less current than HID models, making them more energy efficient and long-lasting. These factors make them a cost-effective alternative to older types of tractor lighting.

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