SEG Fabric Light Box

SEG Fabric Light Box

SEG Fabric Light Box

SEG Fabric Light Box

SEG Fabric Light Box is a backlit display with edge-lit LED lights that creates an aesthetically pleasing exhibit. These free-standing illuminated displays feature durable aluminum frames with SEG push-fit fabrics.

These SEG frames are typically printed with dye sublimation fabric silicone edge graphics. These are inserted into a narrow groove along the inner perimeter of the frame for a seamless appearance.

High-Quality Fabric Graphics

Backlit Fabric Displays are the latest visual display trend for bold graphics that capture a viewer’s attention. They offer exceptional image resolution and clarity, as well as powerful LED backlighting with UL certification. They are an ideal choice for a wide variety of applications, including malls and trade shows.

The SEG fabric light box frame accepts a tension fabric graphic sewn with silicone strips, or “Silicone Edge Graphics” (SEG). These graphics are then stretched across the frame’s face to create a taut, wrinkle free appearance. The silicone strip tucks into a channel along the SEG frame profile for fast installation and easy graphic changes.

SEG light boxes are available as wall mounted, suspended or free-standing options with a stylish frame and custom backlit silicone edge graphics that illuminate your branding in retail showrooms, corporate offices, event and convention centers, hospitals and health clinics, and sports complexes and entertainment centers. They’re a proven asset in driving sales, boosting customer purchasing and brand visibility.

Our backlit fabrics are printed with dye sublimation, offering high color saturation, excellent contrast and an ultra-smooth finish that looks great even under bright lights. They’re also a durable, wrinkle resistant material that can stand up to repeated handling. And because we print in-house, we can ensure top-quality, vibrant colors and a consistent look. Our backlit SEG fabric displays come with a SEG Fabric Light Box white reflective backing to enhance the look of your graphics and reflect the LED perimeter lighting.

Durable Frames

SEG Fabric Light Boxes come in a range of sizes and are wall-mounted, ceiling suspended or free-standing. They feature a durable aluminum frame that is LED backlit to illuminate your dye sublimated fabric graphics. You can choose from single- or double-sided fabrics, depending on your application. The frames are also available in different widths and heights, making them perfect for any space. These light boxes are an ideal solution for exhibitions, trade shows, lobbies and more.

These light boxes are available with single- or double-sided LED backlit SEG (silicone edge graphic) fabric prints. The fabric graphics are printed using the dye sublimation process to ensure durability and vivid color. They also resist wrinkles and can be washed if necessary. They are UL-listed and use energy efficient LED backlighting.

The edges of the frame are sealed to protect the LED lights from moisture and dust. The LED strip lighting is 10 watts per side with wide beam LEDs for high light output and low heat. The light strips are installed on the two longest sides of the frame.

The frame can be assembled quickly and easily. It’s a great choice for those who need to change graphics frequently, such as retail or event marketers. The silicone border on the perimeter of the fabric makes it simple to fit into a groove in the frame. This is a significant advantage over snap frame light boxes, where the edges of the graphic have to be cut out and carefully reinstalled.

Easy to Assemble

Unlike the bulky, heavy snap frame light box, which requires a certain level of technical know-how to open and replace graphics, the SEG Fabric Light Box utilizes an ultra-thin structure. This frame consists of a backlit fabric graphic with SEG Fabric Light Box a silicone strip (known as a keder trim) on each edge that inserts into a recessed groove along the inside perimeter of the light box, giving it a “frameless” appearance.

Fabric light boxes are a top choice for brands and retailers that want to create a stunning visual display that captures onlookers’ attention. From small, independently-owned restaurants to massive corporations like Cartier, businesses of all sizes use SEG fabrics to dazzle customers and visitors alike with the power of vibrant LED lighting.

As the latest trend in large signage, backlit SEG fabric light boxes are easy to assemble and simple to change. This savvy technology uses a specialized tension fabric printed through dye sublimation and inserted into an ultra-thin frame, creating a backlit, sleek and professional appearance.

Single-sided LED SEG light boxes are ideal for trade shows, events and retail environments as they provide a freestanding illuminated display that breaks down into a smaller size to fit in an available shipping case. These durable LED tech displays feature a satin silver anodized finish, a 4.75″ depth and can be custom-sized for your specific needs.

Easy to Change Graphics

With a completely tool-less setup and LED edge lights pre-installed on the spine of the profile, this mobile lightbox makes it easy to take your message on the road. This lightweight aluminum frame is a popular choice among exhibitors for trade shows and retail displays that require a backlit fabric graphics counter.

Backlit SEG Fabric Light Boxes are the latest visual display trend. Also known as silicone edge graphics (SEG), they consist of a tension fabric printed with dye sublimation with a thin silicon strip called a keder. The keder inserts into the recessed groove of the frame to create a back-illuminated, taut, and wrinkle free appearance.

When installing a new SEG graphic, start in one corner to prevent the keder from becoming bunched up. This will help distribute the fabric tension evenly to boost the aesthetic results of your installation.

Once the beading is inserted into the recessed groove of the frame, slowly work your way around the entire perimeter to push them all in. This will make your new SEG graphic pop and stand out from the rest. To remove the graphic simply pull it out of the beading and slide it off of the frame. When the beading is removed it is a good idea to wash your hands or use gloves to avoid leaving marks on the graphic.

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