EV Charger Manufacturers

EV Charger Manufacturers

EV Charger Manufacturers

As EVs become more popular, it is essential to have public and private charging infrastructure in place. This includes EV charger manufacturers who produce smart hardware and software that manages the EV charging process.

Siemens produces its EV fast chargers at a facility in Carrollton, Texas. This investment in local economy supports union jobs in the US.


Electrly offers a wide variety of EV chargers to meet the needs of customers. Their Level 1 charging stations are weatherproof and can be used at home, work, airports, and other public locations. Their EV charging piles support the CHAdeMO and CCS protocols. They can also be installed on light and utility poles to reduce installation costs.

EV chargers can be mounted 10-12 feet above ground level and drop the power cable to the driver upon authorization via a smartphone app or RFID. This helps keep the equipment above flood waters and away from vandals who may cut power cables for their copper value.


TGOOD produces EV chargers for both residential and commercial applications. Their products are designed to meet international standards and are compatible with various electric vehicle models. They also offer a variety of features, including smart connectivity and fast charging capabilities. The company’s EV chargers are known for their reliability and durability.

Founded in 2004 by forward-thinking German and Chinese engineers, TGOOD is now the world’s largest EV charging infrastructure provider. Their prefabricated substation solutions can be ready to leave the factory in as little as six weeks. Their modular design and rigorous factory testing reduce on-site construction time and effort.


ClipperCreek manufactures electric car chargers known as EVSE (electric vehicle supply equipment). They offer a variety of power levels and are available in hardwired or plug-in models. They can also be paired with innovative solutions to provide access control, energy usage tracking and payment collection.

The HCS-40 is a high-quality 32A level 2 EV charger that works with any SAE J1772-compliant electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle. It is built and tested to automaker standards for reliable charging. Its tough NEMA 4 outdoor-rated enclosure can handle the wear and tear of everyday use.

It also comes with 25 feet of charging cable, which makes it easier to install in a home. This feature is also useful for those living in a condominium or apartment complex.


GOe3 has a strong focus on developing innovative charging solutions for electric vehicles. Its products are well-engineered, with high efficiency and advanced safety features. They also offer a long design lifetime and smart monitoring. The company manufactures its chargers in-house, which helps keep prices low. Its customers can customize the outside of their EV charging stations with their own branding.

The company’s first EV quick charging electric car charger manufacturer station was unveiled on Earth Day at the Biosphere 2 research facility in Oracle, Arizona. The station will allow drivers to travel interstates without worrying about battery range limits. It is a dual standard station that will support both CHAdeMO and CCS standards.

Enel X

Enel X offers an evolving product lineup, including the market’s best-selling home charging station, to support electric mobility in all its forms. The company’s products, including EV chargers, e-mobility management systems and new technologies such as vehicle-to-grid, accelerate progress towards a zero-emission future.

Enel X also provides a range of services to enable businesses to monetise their flexible energy resources. These include Demand Side Management and Power as a Service (PaaS). These services reduce energy costs and strengthen the grid. They are available across the US. Moreover, they are compliant with NEVI guidelines. This allows customers to qualify for federal and state tax credits and incentives.


CARROLLTON, Texas — Siemens eMobility has opened its new manufacturing hub in Carrollton, Texas, to produce electric vehicle chargers. This is the company’s second US manufacturing hub for EV charging stations and supports its goal of building 1 million EV chargers in the U.S. The Carrollton facility produces Siemens’ VersiCharge Blue AC EV charger and is Buy American compliant for federal EV charging infrastructure funding.

The company’s SICHARGE D DC fast charger reduces charge times to between 15 and 25 minutes. It also uses dynamic power allocation that considers the needs of each connected vehicle. This makes it easier to use than other charging systems.


Webasto sets technological trends with innovative products and technologies. The company has been in operation for over 120 years and is renowned around the world for its roof systems, heaters, and charging solutions for electric cars.

The company was founded in Germany and began manufacturing stamped parts and wire holders. It also produced accessories for bicycles and later developed engine-independent heaters. The company grew during the years of World War II by supplying Daimler-Benz with exhaust gas heating systems for trucks and BMW with aluminium parts for encasing aviation engines.

The company’s EV chargers are reliable and affordable, and they offer a solar street light variety of features for your vehicle. The chargers are compatible with a wide range of vehicles and can be used at home or in the workplace.


Tritium is a leading global manufacturer of electric vehicle (EV) charging hardware. Its products include advanced DC fast chargers that are tested for and installed in harsh climates. The company offers solutions for workplace, fleet depots, and network operators.

Tritium also produces power rectifier units that enable fast charging with alternating current (AC). These devices convert AC to direct current, which is what the chargers use to charge vehicles.

The company went public in 2022 with a $2 billion valuation and built a factory in Lebanon, Tennessee, to meet the “Buy America” requirements of the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Formula Program. But it filed for bankruptcy in April 2024.

EO Charging

EO designs and manufactures market leading smart charging hardware and software. It also offers EV infrastructure solutions, depot design, electrical installation, grid upgrades, and ongoing operations and maintenance for car, van, truck, and bus fleets.

The company specializes in full fleet electrification, making net zero transport a reality. It has already completed projects for Amazon, DHL, Go-Ahead, and Tesco in the EU and UK. In the US, the company is partnering with Aero Corporation to electrify some of its rental car locations near Harrisburg Airport in Pennsylvania. The company’s products include a Mini Pro 3 charger that features smartphone app control and power balancing.

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