Motorola Solutions MOTOTRBO DP2400e Digital Two Way Radio

Motorola Solutions MOTOTRBO DP2400e Digital Two Way Radio

motorola dp2400e

Motorola Solutions MOTOTRBO DP2400e Digital Two Way Radio

Supporting Motorola Solutions MOTOTRBO digital system, the DP2400e offers scalable communications that are efficient and cost-effective for any organisation. It operates in both analogue and digital modes and is designed to grow with your business as you move towards MOTOTRBO digital.

Featuring the latest Motorola radio technology, the DP2400e has enhanced audio with features such as SINC+ advanced noise cancellation and intelligent audio. It also has emergency alert button and transmit interrupt functionality.

Enhanced audio

Despite its simple looks the Motorola Solutions MOTOTRBO(tm) DP 2400e digital two way radio is packed with advanced technology. It’s the perfect radio to help improve productivity, safety and cost efficiency in your organisation with a range of features which can be customised to suit your needs.

With a simple one push system it’s easier than ever to connect with other radios in your area and on the same channel. Enhanced audio motorola dp2400e quality ensures that every message is clearly understood, even in noisy environments. The copious safety controls on this radio make it easy to monitor workers and provide emergency assistance as needed. Plus, the IMPRES noise cancellation feature improves clarity when you need to speak up or move away from the microphone.

The DP 2400e’s improved receiver boosts the radios range by up to 8%, ensuring that your communications can reach further than before. The radio is also now IP67 rated for greater waterproofing and has enhanced privacy options to prevent others listening in on your conversations.

You can rely on the DP 2400e to deliver high performance, even after hours of continuous use with its improved battery life. It provides up to 28 hours of power for a full shift and the optional IMPRES Over-the-Air Battery Management tool helps you maximise battery lifetime. For added peace of mind this radio is compatible with Motorola’s exclusive range of IMPRES audio accessories which are designed to optimise performance and enhance voice intelligibility, even in loud working environments.

Lone Worker remote monitoring

Lone workers can face many challenges in the workplace, from work-related dangers to personal emergencies. These situations can leave them unable to communicate with other employees or reach help. Lone worker remote monitoring systems can help ensure their safety by offering them a way to check in with a live response center during working hours. Lone worker remote monitoring can also provide emergency assistance through text messaging and radio location tracking.

Motorola Solutions MOTOTRBO digital two-way radios come programmed with Lone Worker remote monitoring as standard, allowing you to monitor the status of your team members. The system allows your staff to set the time of day when they would like to activate real-time monitoring and even disable the function once they’re finished work. This enables them to feel secure that they can check in during their shift and helps you comply with health and safety regulations.

There are times when voice simply isn’t an option. Whether it’s because of security or if their hands are full, the DP2400e can be used to transmit text messages and alert people via a vibrating belt clip when they receive an alert. Enhanced audio also means that text messages are clearly audible in noisy environments. Other features include a programmable emergency alert button and transmit interrupt functionality, as well as basic and enhanced privacy modes to ensure communications remain private.

Text messaging

The DP2400e is part of Motorola’s MOTOTRBO line of digital radios, which offer cost-effective communication solutions for any business. These radios offer a range of new features including systems support and loud, clear audio. They’re also designed to work on either digital trunking or legacy analogue technology, providing you with a scalable solution to meet the needs of your organisation.

The Motorola dp2400e features text messaging capabilities that enable users to communicate discreetly and clearly with other workers. This can be useful when there is information that would normally need to be written down such as addresses or part numbers. Select models are available with the ability to display text messages on their screens for clarity even in poor lighting conditions.

This radio is designed to be durable with an improved IP67 rating for water and dust resistance and meeting tough military-grade specifications for shock, vibration, impact, temperature and humidity. It also comes with the option of a vibration alert that can be activated to signal the user when an incoming call or message is received, helping to improve worker safety in high-risk environments.

This radio comes programmed with Lone Worker remote monitoring as standard, which helps colleagues to monitor that their team members are safe whilst on the job. This is in addition to an emergency alert button and transmit interrupt options that can help to prevent accidents or dangerous situations from arising. Privacy options are also included to stop others listening in on your communications and to allow you to remotely disable a misplaced radio.

Enhanced battery life

The DP2400e is part of Motorola’s MOTOTRBO digital two-way radio series which are designed to put effective communications into the hands of every worker. From systems support to loud, clear audio, this next generation digital technology is proven to boost safety, productivity and efficiency in the biggest organisations. It also delivers enhanced features including up to 28 hours of battery life using Motorola’s IMPRES smart energy system.

IMPRES is more than just batteries, it’s the complete energy system that helps to maximise performance and longevity in even the most demanding environments. It manages how much charge each battery needs and adapts to the specific cell inside each IMPRES battery. By reducing internal temperature, and optimising each charging cycle, it ensures that your Motorola radio is always ready when you need it.

Adding to this, all IMPRES batteries use intelligent electronics that help to motorola dp2400e deliver a quality product that meets the toughest requirements day-in and day-out. The internal circuitry, adhesive pads and insulators all have to work together to optimise electrical and mechanical performance under the harshest conditions. Motorola’s Energy Design Centre of Excellence combines these elements to create battery packs that are built to last. Unlike some competitors who use glue to hold their cells in place, Motorola physically insulates between cells – it’s easy to use too little or too much and the glue can creep between cells dislocating them, which increases reliability over time.

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