Dual Lens Secuirty Camera

Dual Lens Secuirty Camera

Dual Lens Secuirty Camera

Dual Lens Secuirty Camera

Reolink’s TrackMix is a dual-lens security camera that can automatically track objects using both a wide-angle lens and an 8mm telephoto lens. This gives it auto-tracking capabilities that other PTZ cameras can’t match.

Powered by a laser-etched 5 layer glass lens, it provides crisp and clear video during day or night.

Wide Angle Lens

The wide angle lens of a Dual Lens Secuirty Camera allows it to see more of the surroundings than a single-lens camera. This is especially helpful in outdoor surveillance, as it can prevent your camera from being blocked by trees Dual Lens Secuirty Camera or other objects. Using a wider lens also means you can capture more detail of the area you’re monitoring, which is important for areas that are large or hard to keep an eye on.

A dual-lens security camera combines two lenses, a wide-angle lens and a telephoto lens, to provide the best possible video quality. This technology can be used to capture more scenery and details, and it can also help reduce false alarms by masking areas that don’t need to be monitored.

Dual lens cameras can support optical zoom, which is a significant improvement over hardware zoom. This can be accomplished by using a board lens instead of a motorized zoom lens, as the board lens is not as power-hungry as the motorized one. Optical zoom also helps improve AI functions like face detection, pet recognition, and more.

The TrackMix dual-lens tracking feature of a Reolink dual-lens camera uses two lenses to keep an eye on multiple subjects at once, which can be difficult for traditional PTZ cameras to do. This allows you to monitor a large area without losing sight of any details, and it can also be useful for tracking moving vehicles or people.

Telephoto Lens

A telephoto lens can improve the focus ability of a camera to take high-resolution photos at a distance. It can help capture more detailed images and prevent blurring from camera movement. This feature is ideal for monitoring a specific area of an establishment or home. It can also be used for facial recognition or license plate identification. A telephoto lens is especially useful in dim lighting conditions, where it can produce clearer images than single-lens cameras.

The dual-lens technology on our smart security cameras uses two separate lenses to record footage simultaneously. The wide-angle and telephoto lenses are then merged into a single video, eliminating the need for multiple cameras to monitor a large area. This allows you to keep an eye on every detail of your property, ensuring that nothing goes unnoticed.

The new dual lens solution is based on the Ingenic T40 SoC, which is a high-performance processor Dual Lens Secuirty Camera that can support dual lens. Compared with the traditional motor mechanical design, dual lens is more power-efficient. This is important because the AI functions such as face detection and face capturing require a super-fast zoom experience.

Motion Detection

Unlike a single-lens camera, dual lens cameras can capture more details by recording from different angles simultaneously. This allows them to distinguish between different movements. As a result, you will only get motion alerts for true threats, such as people or cars. These cameras are more effective at avoiding false alarms caused by moving branches, insects, and other objects.

Reolink Trackmix dual-lens security camera uses video stitching technology to combine the footage from its two lenses. The result is a panoramic 180-degree wide video with very little distortion. This is ideal for monitoring larger outdoor spaces. In addition to the dual-lens view, these cameras have a range of advanced features that set them apart from other models on the market, such as auto-tracking and night vision.

It can also detect and identify people, cars, and other moving objects in a wider area. This helps reduce the number of unnecessary alerts and saves storage space. With built-in two-way audio, it can allow you to communicate with visitors and warn suspicious strangers. In addition, this camera can also trigger its 8 built-in spotlights and siren to deter unwanted intruders. It can also record and store video to a memory card or in the cloud (extra fees may apply). It is easy to setup and control from the free app on your smartphone.

Night Vision

A dual lens security camera with night vision allows you to see more detail in the dark. It uses the wider lens to capture a larger area of your property and the telephoto lens to zoom in on objects or people. This way, you can see who is at your door before answering it or if there is suspicious activity in your yard. This is especially helpful when you live in a rural area or can’t monitor your home during the day because of your schedule.

This camera’s night vision is better than a traditional fixed lens security camera because it can see faces, license plate numbers, and other details in the dark. Additionally, it features two color modes – Full Color or Smart Night Vision – which display colored images depending on the lighting conditions.

Dual lens cameras are a relatively new type of security camera that use separate lenses to capture different perspectives. They are usually powered by a single SoC (System on Chip), such as the Ingenic T40, and support stereo views, flash memory for people counting data, 3D digital noise reduction, and more.

The Soliur TY7 Dual Pro is the world’s first dual-lens AI security camera to combine both a wide-angle and telephoto view, making it easier for you to keep track of your backyard or parking lot. It also comes with many other advanced features, such as HD video recording, 2-way audio, easy remote access, and IP66 weatherproofing.

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