SEG Fabric Lightboxes

SEG Fabric Lightboxes

seg fabric lightbox

SEG Fabric Lightboxes

Backlit fabric frames or lightboxes display back-lit visuals printed using dye sublimation for a stunning look. They are popular in retail environments, exhibitions and trade shows, offices and museums.

They can be wall-mounted, ceiling suspended or free-standing. They have a unique durable LED tech that will illuminate your graphics brilliantly.

Frameless Design

SEG fabric lightboxes feature a frameless design that gives them a very upscale appearance. They are ideally suited for use in retail seg fabric lightbox stores, corporate offices, health and medical facilities, exhibits and trade shows, as well as art galleries and museums. They are also available in non-backlit versions.

The sturdily constructed aluminum frame features channels on the front side that accept silicone edge graphics (SEG), also known as push fit fabric graphics. These are printed with dye sublimation for vivid and vibrant colors. The resulting backlit graphics are inserted into the frames’ recessed grooves. The grooves are usually covered with black or white fabric for a clean appearance. Once the graphics are inserted, the frame is ready for wall mounting.

Changing the graphics is quick and easy, requiring little technical experience. This is an advantage over traditional snap frame light boxes, which are difficult to handle. This type of light box is also more aesthetically pleasing, as it does not have the bulky appearance of conventional displays.

SEG frameless lightboxes are available in a variety of sizes, and can be combined to create large backlit wall displays. They are a popular choice for indoor advertising, because of their sleek design and durable LED technology. They are also a cost-effective alternative to standard signage and banners. They can be customized with custom graphics to reflect your brand and message.


Backlit fabric displays provide a stunning visual treat for your visitors. They are ideal for retail showrooms, exhibitions and other marketing spaces. They are easy to assemble and can be used as hanging or free-standing lightbox displays. They can be easily changed with new graphics that are backlit to create a captivating display wall that grabs attention from your visitors.

The LED light box features SEG (silicone edge graphic) fabrics that are custom dye-sublimated and inserted into a silicone finish frame around the perimeter of the fabric. These fabrics are stretchy and offer a sleek, sophisticated look. They are the preferred visual branding choice for modern retailers and fashion brands.

Compared to rigid signage, backlit fabric lightboxes are durable and lightweight, making them a great solution for high-traffic areas. The SEG frame is designed to keep your graphics wrinkle-free and bright. It is also easier to transport and assemble compared to a traditional snap-frame lightbox.

Charisma Double Sided LED SEG Fabric Light Boxes ship knocked down and are simple to assemble in minutes without the need for tools. They are UL certified and feature LED lights pre-attached to the frame. The lights use low-voltage, low-heat LEDs that help to reduce energy consumption and are environmentally friendly. They are an excellent alternative to traditional generic roller banners and can be connected together for long backlit fabric walls.

Easy to Change Graphics

Fabric backlit light boxes are a stunning way to capture your audience’s attention and engage them in a vibrant, immersive and evolving visual experience. They are designed to dazzle and captivate your audience with their luminosity while offering flexibility through easy graphic change-outs. Single- or double-sided, wall mounted, free standing or ceiling suspended, these lightboxes can be a focal point of your space or just a subtle way to highlight your products and services.

SEG (silicone edge graphics) fabric displays are printed on durable, wrinkle resistant woven textiles for a soft and sophisticated look. They are seg fabric lightbox also lightweight and rollable for easy storage, shipping and maintenance. They use LED edge lighting that is optimized to flood the entire graphics surface and provides bright, reliable and energy efficient illumination.

Lightbox frames are aluminum extrusions that pair with SEG (silicone edge graphics) fabrics. The frame has a recessed groove that the fabric is stretched over and pressed into to create the lightbox. The recessed groove hides the hardware for a seamless appearance. LED edge lights are then installed into the frame to illuminate the backlit graphics.

Changing out your graphics is simple, just pull up on the fabric pull tab and remove the existing graphics. Then install your new graphics into the grooves of the frame. It’s just as easy to replace the LED edge lights when you need to refresh the display.

Easy to Assemble

The Vail LED backlit fabric light box sign is an impressive display that can be wall mounted, ceiling hanging or used as a free standing marketing display. The frame has a slim profile that appears frame-less from the front for a smooth edge to edge graphic display. The frame is illuminated with LED edge lights that are reliable and energy efficient. The LED backlit fabric graphics are printed dye sublimation for a vivid and bright graphic display. The frame is easy to assemble and graphics can be replaced easily when the time comes for a new look.

These LED light boxes are ideal for high traffic areas like retail shops, shopping centers and lobbies in business offices and hospitals. They can be used to promote upcoming events, new products, or corporate branding. The fabric SEG display illuminates vibrant graphics that will catch the eye of onlookers and increase brand awareness.

These lighted frames come shipped unassembled, so they are easy to transport and set up. The hardware is made from lightweight aluminum pieces that snap together, and the recessed channels hold the silicone edges of the fabric. When assembling, start with the corners and work your way around the perimeter of the frame. This will prevent the fabric from becoming bunched up, which can ruin your finished result.

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