Bi Xenon Projector Lens

Bi Xenon Projector Lens

Bi Xenon Projector Lens

Xenon projector lens is one of the most popular upgrades today. Those who install a xenon HID kit into their car’s original headlight will enjoy unprecedented light output, sharp cutoff, bright hotspot, and a luxurious look to their vehicle.

A bi xenon projector lens is composed of a chrome bowl, a cutoff shield, and a solenoid that contacts with the bulb to switch between high and low beams. Royalin mini h1 and Koito Q5 are good examples.


There are two kinds of projector lens: single-core and dual-core. The single-core one has only one reflector inside and a led chip in it, while the dual-core has two led chips. Dual-core is a new design that is much brighter in both low and high beams. It is the most popular one in China.

There is a shield that stops a part of light from going through the lens in the low beam pattern. When the bi xenon is powered up and active, the solenoid pulls or pushes this shield down so that more light can pass through the lens to create a high beam. When the power is off, the shield will retract back to its normal position.

Another feature of a bi xenon is the fact that it can work with both HID and halogen bulbs. This is because the HID bulb has a longer focal length than a halogen bulb, bi xenon projector lens which means that it can fit into the larger projector lens without damaging the lens.

Another advantage of a bi xenon is that it can be used with LED bulbs as well. However, you should be aware that the LED bulb must have a focal length that matches the original HID bulb in order to function properly. Otherwise, the lighting will be uneven and may blind other drivers on the road.


A bi xenon projector lens is a type of headlight bulb with two bulbs. It uses an oval reflector that can be switched between a high and low beam. It is a safer way to drive at night. It produces a wider and brighter light beam, which is important for visibility. It also minimizes glare for other drivers. In addition, it provides better illumination for obstacles and road signs. Lastly, it helps to avoid blinding oncoming traffic.

A good bi xenon projector lens must be able to create a wide and brighter beam of light without causing glare on the road. It should also be able to separate the shadow and light parts with an obvious cut off line. It must also be able to produce enough light to illuminate obstacles. Finally, it should be able to produce a light that can penetrate for hundreds of yards. The Aozoom D2S bi xenon projector is a good example of this. It is a great option for a retrofit projector that wants to have an outstanding high beam.

In order to ensure that your projector lens is working properly, you should only use a h1 hid kit with it. It will not fit other types of bulbs. Also, you should only buy a bi-xenon projector from a reputable seller. This will help to ensure that the product is genuine and meets your country’s driving standards.


The projector lens is the key component of a bi-xenon headlight. Its function is to control the light beam emitted by the bulbs. When the car is turned bi xenon projector lens on, the bulb will generate high-beam and low-beam patterns that must be separated to avoid blinding oncoming traffic. The bi-xenon projector lens has a hinged cutoff shield that can be pulled down or pushed up to separate the high and low beams. When the power to the HID system is activated, the solenoid pulls or pushes the shield down, and then the HID bulb can emit a much brighter light to create the high beam pattern.

The bi-xenon projector also contains a mirror that can reflect the light coming from the Xenon bulb back into the chrome bowl of the original headlight housing. This helps to produce a wider and brighter light that can illuminate the road better. Without the mirrored projector, the lighting emitted from the xenon bulb is very narrow and focused, which can cause driver fatigue.

If you are looking to upgrade your halogen headlights with a full plug and play Xenon Kit, Royalin recommends a bi-xenon projector lens. It is easy to install and will greatly enhance your driving experience. It also ensures that you are safe on the road at night, which is very important for your family and friends.


If you are going to upgrade your car headlights with a bi-xenon projector lens, it is important that you know how it works. A xenon projector has a cutoff shield that prevents too much light from coming through the lens in low beam mode. When the vehicle is running on high beam, the solenoid in the projector will pull up the cutoff shield to let more light through, creating a high beam pattern. This is how your headlights switch between high and low beam.

Without a proper xenon projector lens, your headlights will not be able to produce a high-quality beam pattern. This is because the original chrome reflector in your headlight was designed for halogen bulbs, and not for xenon bulbs. The xenon bulb’s high temperature causes the lighting to deform the reflector quickly. If you don’t install a projector lens, the light from your xenon bulbs will not converge into a bright spot and may blind other drivers.

This is why it is so important to use a reputable seller when you are buying a xenon projector. Desertcart is a highly respected online retailer that has been in business for over a year and has a large customer base in over 164 countries. They have a strong focus on R&D and a great reputation for customer service. They are also backed by the Sinoparcel 1-year warranty.

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