Floor Decking Roll Forming Machine

Floor Decking Roll Forming Machine

Floor Decking Roll Forming Machine

Floor decking roll forming machines are metal fabrication equipment that make specific configurations out of long strips of material, typically coiled steel. The machine shapes the strip of metal by applying pressure to it with station rollers.

Metal roof deck is used in floor construction to support concrete or insulating membranes on top of steel joists and beams. It offers structural engineers and contractors a cost-efficient composite steel flooring solution.

HG series forming machine

HG series forming machines are designed to provide maximum accuracy and versatility. They feature a high-resolution digital PLC and touchscreen for intuitive control, and a 20-program memory to store and recall settings. This makes it easy to set up and use, and it eliminates the need for manual changes when changing from one material type to another. The HG series also has a flexible tooling system to accommodate the needs of different production lines.

The HG 1303 Hydraulic Press Brake offers precise metal bending results, allowing fabricators to bend a variety of shapes and materials. Its bending force (tonnage) is 146 tons, which allows it to handle large pieces of metal and reduce bending cycle times. This enables fabricators to increase the number of pieces they can produce in a given time period.

The HG 1303 has a powerful, energy-efficient design and high-quality hydraulics. floor decking roll forming machine Its servo power drive system and active hydraulic crowning ensure that the machine provides a perfect bending result with minimal effort. Moreover, it has an innovative angle measuring system and a high-speed bending spend, allowing fabricators to save on energy and time. The HG 1303 also comes with dedicated CAM software that enables users to decrease setup and programming times. This enables fabricators to lower their manufacturing costs and improve their product quality.

MT series forming machine

The MT series is a robot-based system that provides an automated method of loading into and out of virtually any machine tool. It also features a unique drawer system for parts storage. Using the drawers, you can store all of your fixtures in one location for easy robotic unloading. This saves time and makes for a more productive and efficient process.

A roll forming machine is a metal bending machine that fabricates specific configurations out of long strips of metal, most commonly coiled steel. These machines bend the metal at room temperature, with each successive set of rollers bending the metal a little more than the previous one. This progressive bending technique ensures that the desired cross-section profile is maintained throughout the finished part.

This machine is ideal for manufacturing a wide variety of products, including industrial and commercial roofing. It can run multiple sizes, gauges, and types of material in up to ten panel configurations with a minimum of adjustments and less scrap. It also has a streamlined design that allows the operator to change forms quickly and easily.

Unlike other forming machines, the MT series uses a simple mechanical process to shape metal at room temperature. The forming process eliminates the need for heat, which reduces energy consumption and results in a more precise, uniform product. This makes it a cost-effective choice for many projects, including those with shorter time durations.

MT-R series forming machine

The MT-R series was designed with the Torquey & Agile concept in mind. It features a new rack milling platform with a world-first twin-table construction and an all-new twin-headlamp assembly. It has been honed to a mass-centralized form, with an appeal that is both muscular floor decking roll forming machine and mysterious, while paring away the unnecessary to bring out its true individuality as the flagship model of the MT Series. Even though different planners and engineers take over the development of each model in the MT Series, they always strive to gain an innate understanding of the intentions of their predecessors. This dynamic equilibrium is what makes the MT-R series so unique and desirable.

MT-S series forming machine

The MT-S series is a hydraulic compression machine that helps determine the compression strength of concrete, rocks as well as cement. It can also conduct shear testing, anti-break testing and Elastic modules testing of concrete with the help of a special compression fixture and measurement assembly. This series of machines is designed to meet the requirements of ISO 15579-2000, ISO679 and BS1881 specifications. It can be suited with a number of grips and compression fixtures for different purposes.

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