Upgrade Your Vehicle’s Headlights With a Bi Xenon Projector Lens

Upgrade Your Vehicle’s Headlights With a Bi Xenon Projector Lens

Upgrade Your Vehicle’s Headlights With a Bi Xenon Projector Lens

A bi xenon projector lens is designed to work with a single xenon bulb. It has a high light function and a low light function. The bi-xenon projector lens has a cutoff shield and solenoid to control the lighting.

This is an essential upgrade for anyone who wants to make their car look better or improve their driving at night. There are many benefits of upgrading to a xenon projector lens.

1. Brighter and wider light beam

HID Xenon bulbs are much brighter and wider than traditional halogen bulbs. However, if you install them into a headlight housing designed for halogen bulbs, the light beam will be deformed and can cause massive amounts of glare to drivers on the opposite side of the road. Instead, you should install a xenon projector lens into your vehicle’s stock headlight housing to improve the light output and reduce glare for other road users.

Besides being brighter, a bi xenon projector lens also has a wider and more intense light beam than a regular halogen projector. This is because the curved cut-off shield in the xenon projector lens creates a much more concentrated light output and can be aimed where you want it without affecting other drivers. This can be a great feature to have if you often drive on highways or other high-speed roads.

A xenon projector lens can also bi xenon projector lens come with a built-in high beam shutter that will activate when you activate your car’s high beam function. This will prevent other motorists from being dazzled by your high beams, which can be dangerous.

Whether you are looking for a simple plug and play hID kit to upgrade your car’s lighting or a dvr-style projector to transform your old headlight into a xenon system, Royalin has what you need to make the best decision for your vehicle.

2. Safer driving at night

A great projector lens must do one primary job – it should produce enough light to conform to road safety rules and regulations. And it must have a sharp cut-off line that does not dazzle drivers on the opposite side of the road and cause accidents. Otherwise, it is not worth having.

A bi xenon projector can achieve high beam and low light on the same headlight because it has a cutoff shield inside the housing. When powered on for high beam, the solenoid pulls or pushes this shield down and exposes more light through the projector lens – creating the high beam pattern. When the solenoid is deactivated for low light, the shield rises up and stops the light from going out past the cut-off line to avoid blinding other traffic.

Compared to a standard headlight without projector lens, a bi-xenon can provide up to 35% more lighting, which can make driving at night safer and more comfortable. However, if you are upgrading your car with a bi-xenon kit and a halogen headlight bulb, you need to use a dimmer switch to change between high and low lights, because the original headlight chrome reflector is not designed for a Xenon bulb and can get hot very quickly. Royalin offers a bi-xenon relay wiring harness that can be used to control the bi-xenon and the halogen high bulb at the same time.

3. No glare to drivers on the opposite side of the road

If you only have a plug and play xenon kit and without a projector lens, your car’s headlights will produce a very bright light that may dazzle the drivers on the opposite side of the road. With a bi xenon projector lens, your car lights will be brighter and wider with a nice sharp cut off line which is safer for you and other road users.

To solve this problem, Royalin mini h1 bi xenon projector lens is designed to have a clear glass lens and a cutting shield which prevents the high beam from shining into other driver’s eyes. The cutting shield can be lowered by a bi xenon projector lens solenoid actuated pivot to provide the low-beam function, and then raised to allow the high-beam functions to be activated.

This allows the high-beam to illuminate the road ahead while the low-beam can illuminate obstacles and street signs, making driving at night much safer for you and other motorists. In addition, our bi-xenon projects also come with a droop adjustment to adjust the projection of the low-beam. If you are driving a vehicle with LHD (Left Hand Drive) standards, the light will be directed forward-left and the high-beam will be higher on the left and lower on the right. The reverse is true for RHD (Right Hand Drive) vehicles. This is a requirement by European road safe rules to ensure that both headlights will not blind the motorists on the opposite side of the road.

4. Easy to install

If you want to upgrade your vehicle headlights with a Xenon projector, there are plenty of options available. You can find them online or at your local auto parts store. Most of them will be compatible with your original bulbs, but you should check the bulb type and model to make sure it’s compatible. You can also find a full kit for installation that includes the projector lens and everything else you need.

A Xenon projector can help you to get a brighter, wider light beam than your stock headlights. The reason is that the projector is actually designed to focus the light from the Xenon bulbs. This is in contrast to the HID bulbs, which are designed to scatter light in a large, unfocused blob.

With a Xenon projector, the light is focused into a smaller area and is distributed evenly. The result is a much brighter, wide-angle light that’s easy to see. The projector can also help to reduce glare to other drivers on the road, which is a safety issue.

A Xenon projector lens is also very easy to install. You can choose from a range of shrouds for the projector to match your car’s chrome reflector bowl, including Royalin mini h1 and Hella G5 lens. The lenses are up to ECE and DOT standard, so they will meet the road safety rules.

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