Upgrade Your Vehicle With a Single Row LED Light Bar

Upgrade Your Vehicle With a Single Row LED Light Bar

Upgrade Your Vehicle With a Single Row LED Light Bar

Command the dark with sleek single-row LED light bars that pack huge power in a small frame. Available with spot (far) or combo (both spot and flood) lighting, these upgrades deliver extreme performance in a ruggedly durable housing.

Unlike dual-row models that have a more distinct look, single-row lights are more discreet and easier on your budget. Read on to learn more about these impressive options.

Optical Design

A single row LED light bar has a lower profile than dual-row models and can be easier to mount. It also offers more options for power and configuration. However, it is important to measure the location where you plan to mount your light bar before purchasing one. A wrong-sized bar will either not fit or look out of proportion with your vehicle. It is also critical to choose a lighting product that can produce enough lumens to illuminate your road.

When shopping for an LED light bar, it is also crucial to choose the right beam pattern. You can choose a spot beam pattern that creates a narrow, far-reaching light or a flood beam pattern that produces a wide area of illumination. Some of the top-rated lights on the market offer both options.

If you are using your car to haul equipment or carry passengers, a single-row LED light bar may be all you need. However, if you plan to use your vehicle as an emergency response vehicle or transform it into a volunteer firetruck or ambulance, you will need a more powerful light bar.

Some states and municipalities have strict regulations on aftermarket lighting. Ensure that the lights you purchase meet your municipality’s guidelines regarding color, brightness, mount, and features. These specifications can prevent you from causing confusion and distracting other drivers on the road.

LED Technology

If you’re shopping for an LED light bar, look for one with a durable and long-lasting construction. The outer lens should be easy to remove and replace if you want to switch between different beam patterns or colors. You should also consider the connection options. Many of these lights have a Deutsch-style connector and come with a 6-inch pigtail with bare leads. This makes it simple to wire yourself or use an off-the-shelf Deutsch wire harness.

Single-row LED light bars contain a single row of the brightest LEDs in a compact and durable housing. They are ideal for recreational off road enthusiasts and can be mounted in locations where larger LED lights won’t fit. They are also a great choice for truck owners who are looking Single Row Led Light Bar to improve the looks and functionality of their vehicle without spending a lot of money.

Dual-row LED light bars have two rows of LEDs and are much brighter than their single-row counterparts. They are the most popular choice for off road enthusiasts because they offer a high-intensity lighting solution that can illuminate the way for a wide range of applications. These powerful and versatile light bars are often used by casual off road drivers, professional race teams, emergency responders, mining equipment operators, and farming and agriculture vehicles. They are also a great choice for those who need to travel long distances on rough terrain at night.


A Dual Row Light Bar is a great option if you want to illuminate your vehicle’s entire width. They are more popular than single-row lights because they can cover a bigger area of your truck, car or Jeep. They are also more affordable than a single-row light bar, but they still offer great lumen output. They are available in a variety of different designs, so you’re sure to find one that suits your style.

The Dual Row Light Bar also offers a variety of mounting options. You can get it in a straight configuration or you can get it curved to match the curve of your windshield. Some models even have a duo of position lights at the bottom, which are perfect for fog or snowy conditions.

Curved Single-Row LED Light Bars

Some people prefer the look of a curved Single-Row Light Bar over a straight model. They tend to blend in better with your vehicle’s appearance. You can also get a slimmer design that can fit into tight spaces.

The Single-Row LED Light Bars are a good option for people who are looking for a light that can be mounted under the bumper. Many of these models come with a premium wiring harness, relay and in-line fuse to make installation easier. They also go through a rigorous testing process to ensure quality and durability.


Adding a Single Row Led Light Bar to your truck, jeep, suv or utv/atv will improve nighttime visibility on off-road trails. These LED lights have a spot and flood beam pattern, so they will help you see the trail ahead. They also look great mounted on a bull bar or grille.

When buying a single-row LED light bar, consider the brightness and power that you want. A higher-powered light bar will have a brighter and farther-reaching spot beam. This can be helpful if you’re navigating obstacles or driving through dense brush.

If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option, there are plenty of less expensive light bars available. However, they often produce a blue or more green glow and may not last as long.

Single-row LED light bars are compact and Single Row Led Light Bar easy to mount. Many of the products we carry at LED Equipped come with mounting brackets and color-coded pigtails, making installation simple.

Curved LED light bars are also a popular option for off-road vehicles. They’re designed to fit in a wide variety of applications and blend into modern bumpers, windshields and grilles. Some models are even street-legal and feature an IP69K rating that protects against dust and moisture. To decide which style is right for you, browse images online or ask a friend what they think.

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