Make a Bold Statement With LED Letter Signs

Make a Bold Statement With LED Letter Signs

Make a Bold Statement With LED Letter Signs

Lighted sign letters are 3D signs that spell out your business name to attract attention and increase brand recognition. They’re also perfect for showcasing your logo on premium branded environments.

They can be front/back lit or combined-lit, with the face being translucent and the back having a white halo illumination. This allows you to use contrasting colors that make your message pop even at night.


The Aluminum LED Channel Letter Sign is one of the most popular and cost-effective ways to promote your business. Available in a variety of colors, you can choose the letters to spell out your message and even use three-dimensional letters for added impact. These signs are Led Letter Signs easy to update by hand with a changeable letter board or with a remote keyboard and can also be used to display simple graphics, event announcements, and store promotions.

The fabricated aluminum halo lit channel letter is another type of illuminated sign that offers a unique look. These letters are backed by clear Lexan to allow the light to “halo” around the letter shape. They are stud mounted to the wall with a 1.5″ stand-off to create the optimum effect. These signs are a great choice for businesses that want to stand out on the street or in an open plaza area.

Combination-lit or front/back lit channel letter signage is the other type of lighted sign that can be customized with a large selection of options. These signs are fabricated with 3/16″ acrylic faces, trim cap, and aluminum returns to the face of the sign. The backs of these signs can be customized with translucent vinyl graphics to create the desired halo color. These signs are often installed using the raceway method which reduces installation costs, but some companies prefer a look that doesn’t involve any visible raceways or are required to mount them this way due to building codes.


A popular choice for businesses that want to make a bold statement, acrylic LED letter signs are modern, customizable, and eye-catching. They can be programmed to flash, fade, or change colors to grab attention and draw in customers. They also use less power than traditional neon signs and are safer to operate.

The face of a back lit channel sign can be made from a variety of materials, but most are constructed of clear acrylics for the look of an open-face sign. The faces can be painted in different custom colors to match your brand’s look, and the aluminum sides and raceways are typically painted in a color matching your building’s exterior paint color. Special translucent pressure sensitive vinyl can be applied to the faces of the sign and custom logos can be cut out to create unique visual images.

Changeable letter signs and interchangeable track letters are an affordable option for small-to-medium sized businesses that need to frequently post updated messages, such as changing business hours or announcing special events. They are simple to use, cost-effective and come in a wide range of font styles, sizes and shapes. They can be used indoors or outdoors and are durable in extreme weather conditions. They can be easily installed using a magnetic system or mounting hardware that holds the sign in place.

Perforated Metal

Channel letter signs are a great choice for businesses looking to make their brand name stand out in a way that is both visually appealing and memorable. They also add a lot of character to the storefront and amplify visibility during night time, which makes them an ideal business signage option for attracting new customers. This type of signage is also very cost-efficient compared to other types of business sign options, which helps make it an affordable option for businesses with tight budgets.

Typically, standard channel letters are fabricated with sheet metal that creates a “channel” in which neon gas tubes or LED light fixtures can be installed. This lighted channel is then covered with either polycarbonate or acrylic, which may be a solid color or a translucent color that allows illumination to shine through. Some companies opt for a black perforated cover to give the appearance of backlighting, sometimes called halo lighting, which really stands out at night.

Most internally-illuminated channel letters are made using LED lights, which offer significant energy cost savings over neon illumination. The switch to LEDs was largely due to the fact that they can be easily “peeled” and “stickered,” which allowed less-skilled workers to fabricate channel letters, rather than being solely dependent on skilled glass blowers. This Led Letter Signs has opened up the market for channel letter fabrication to a wider variety of businesses than previously could afford to do it.


The first impression your company’s signage makes can be crucial to its success. A good-looking, professionally designed sign creates a positive image that can attract more customers. It also helps people who have heard about you to find your location, and it lets passersby know what kind of establishment you run.

Channel letter signs are one of the most attention-grabbing types of business signage, and they’re a great choice for retail locations and shopping centers. They’re typically made of aluminum, and they’re shaped into letters using computer-driven bending and shaping machinery. The sides of the sign, called returns, are bent to match the shape of the back and leave room for LED lighting.

There are two different kinds of channel letter signs: backlit and front lit. Backlit channel letters (also known as halo letters) display a solid face and are illuminated from the back, creating a soft halo effect around each letter. Front lit channel letter signs have an open aluminum back and side panels, but they can be fabricated with plastic faces that are illuminated from the inside.

A new option for channel letters is to add color changing LED lighting, which can be changed at the touch of a button! This feature is perfect for attracting attention and promoting special events or sales. It’s also great for promoting your brand on social media, and you can even add scrolling text to your sign!

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