Glass Window Film Benefits

Glass Window Film Benefits

Glass Window Film Benefits

Glass window film provides a multitude of benefits from increased safety to energy savings. It can even add value by providing a more attractive appearance to any home, office or car.

The most important benefit of window film is its ability to hold broken shards of glass together, protecting people from dangerous flying debris and expensive equipment from being damaged. It also protects against severe weather, acts of terrorism and industrial accidents.

Improved Appearance

Decorative window films offer the elegance of etched glass windows or frosted window treatments at an affordable price. These films are available in a variety of colors, textures and patterns with varying degrees of visibility through the glass. They’re easy to clean and can be removed easily without any sticky residue or damage to the window.

Whether you’re renovating an existing home or designing a new commercial office building, it pays to consider the benefits of glass window film during design. Glass is now a major component of many homes and buildings. While this is a beautiful architectural element, it also lets in too much solar heat and can make the inside of your home or commercial building uncomfortable. Window film can be the solution by allowing natural light to flood in while controlling unwanted solar heat and glare.

In addition to energy efficiency, glass window film can add a layer of protection against shattering glass. The film acts as a strong adhesive to the glass and holds it together in the event of an accident or a burglary. Most window film products offer UV blocking which helps reduce fading of drapes, furniture, artwork, and store merchandise. This helps to save on replacement costs and to keep expensive merchandise on showroom floors longer.

Reduced Solar Heat

When solar heat passes through untreated windows, it can force air conditioning systems to work overtime in order to maintain comfortable temperatures. Window film reduces energy costs by reflecting and absorbing the unwanted infrared radiation that would otherwise pass through glass, allowing the natural short rays of sunlight to enter the space while rejecting the damaging long rays.

Window films can be used to add privacy to any glass surface without changing the appearance of your office or home. They can also be used to create privacy in public areas of your building or home such as bathrooms and bedrooms. Decorative window film comes in a variety of colors, patterns, textures and opacities to match any décor and provide you with the privacy you need.

Depending on the type of window film you choose, it can achieve up to 79% solar heat gain reduction, significantly cutting your cooling costs and reducing your carbon footprint. It can also reduce glare, and it blocks around 99-percent of harmful ultraviolet rays that damage furniture, artwork and flooring. Window film is easy to install, and it does not require you to renovate your Glass Window Film interior or close up shop for any length of time. It is a much more affordable option than replacing your windows with a different type of glass. It also works well with multi-pane windows, where traditional tinted glass can cause fogging or condensation between the panes.

Increased Safety

Window film prevents shattered glass from scattering all over the place in case of accidental or intentional breakage. Thicker films may even help hold shattered glass in place to protect a home or business from burglaries and other violent acts.

Safety film is designed to be virtually invisible, so it can be installed in commercial and residential windows without changing the look of Glass Window Film a building or disrupting the day-to-day activities of its occupants. It can also be used to guard against the sun’s damaging ultraviolet (UV) rays. Most window film products reduce UV rays by more than 90%, allowing families to spend time indoors without worrying about putting on sunscreen.

Window security film can also prevent etching and graffiti, saving businesses and homeowners money on cleaning costs and preserving the appearance of their premises. In addition, it’s much faster and more affordable than replacing the damaged window.

While safety window film can’t prevent a determined burglar or severe weather event, it can make the task of breaking in much harder. It can take a much longer time to break through the film than standard glass, making it difficult for criminals to smash and grab. In addition, the film holds shattered glass together, making it more dangerous for them to get through. It also helps control spall, the sharp shards that can result from an attack or from the force of wind or airborne debris during a natural disaster.

Increased Value

Window film is a highly cost-effective alternative to replacement windows, offering a wide range of functions from aesthetics and energy savings to safety and UV protection. And it’s easy to add or remove without damaging glass. This flexibility makes it an ideal option for commercial office spaces as well as homes.

Decorative window films come in many styles and designs, with different textures, patterns and opacities. Some mimic etched or cut glass, while others are subtle enough to blend in with any décor. Window film is also more durable over time than other decorating options like paint, and can withstand more physical damage.

Window films today can redirect natural light deeper into a room, which reduces the need for artificial lighting and cuts energy costs. This is a great benefit for homeowners who are renovating or purchasing new homes or businesses that have large rooms with lots of glass.

Window films can save energy costs, especially during the summer when cooling bills are high. And they can protect furniture, flooring and fabrics from fading due to harmful UV rays. This is particularly important for retail businesses that often display products outdoors. Window films also increase a home’s or business’ security, slowing down a break-in and holding glass shards together if the window should shatter. These are all factors that can help boost a property’s value, making it more appealing to potential buyers.

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