Why an Eye Mask is Essential to Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

Why an Eye Mask is Essential to Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

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Why an Eye Mask is Essential to Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

Sleeping on the go can be difficult, but a good eye mask will help block out light and sound. Plus, some have skin-boosting ingredients like hydrolysed elastin and acetyl hexapeptide to combat the signs of fatigue, including fine lines and puffiness.

If you’re sensitive to light, a weighted sleep mask could help (like this one). The small beads inside create a heavy sensation similar to that of a weighted blanket.


While it may seem like a minor detail, the material of an eye mask is crucial to its comfort. You want something soft and lightweight that won’t cause rashes or chafing around the eyes and nose. It’s also best if it can block out light while still feeling cool on your face. Silk is one of the most popular options, but you can also find masks made from cotton or a blend.

An eye mask is a great option for anyone who has difficulty falling or staying asleep at night. It creates a dark environment and promotes the production of melatonin, which is a sleep-regulating hormone. It can also be helpful for people who work odd hours or who travel. It’s easy to get distracted on flights, buses, trains, or cars and may be difficult to fall or stay asleep without the help of an eye mask.

If you’re looking for a more personal experience, consider a weighted mask that uses evenly distributed pressure to induce relaxation. These are especially useful for those who have trouble turning off their minds before bed or are prone to headaches or migraines. They’re also a good option for those who don’t like wearing earplugs or have trouble with a noise-canceling pillow. These types of masks tend to fit well and are easy on the skin, but they might be a little heavy for some.


The light-blocking properties of an eye mask eye mask can play a major role in helping people fall asleep. Using an eye mask that effectively blocks out light, especially during the hours just before sleep can prevent exposure to bright lights that suppress melatonin levels and make it difficult to fall asleep.

In addition to blocking out blue light, an ideal sleep mask will be breathable so the user doesn’t get too warm during the night. It should also fit tightly around the face without putting too much pressure on the eyes or causing the wearer to feel uncomfortable.

While the effectiveness of blue-light-blocking glasses hasn’t been scientifically backed by research, many people find that they help them sleep better at night. They may also be able to reduce or eliminate symptoms of eye strain such as dry eyes or redness.

There are a variety of blue-light-blocking eyeglass frames available, so it’s important to select the style that’s best for you. Traditional blue-light blocking glasses are orange or amber-tinted, which can distort colors on a computer screen and can be less user-friendly than clear frames. Glasses that are light yellow or clear are designed to target a narrow range of high-energy blue light commonly emitted from digital screens, and they can be more effective for daytime use. They can also be more easily combined with other strategies for getting a good night’s sleep, like eliminating screen time in the hour before bed and reading instead.


A comfortable eye mask is essential to getting a good night’s sleep. One that puts eye mask pressure on your eyes will likely cause creases around your temples and eyes and also may leave tight strap marks on your face when you wake up.

Look for an eye mask that’s encased in a breathable fabric, like silk. This material is naturally breathable and helps to keep your skin at a cool temperature. It also feels luxurious and soft on your face and won’t irritate it like cotton does. It’s also a better choice than polyester, which tends to absorb oil and night creams from your skin.

Some of the most well-reviewed eye masks are made from a combination of materials, including cotton and silk. These blends are lightweight, breathable, and inexpensive. They’re also moisture-wicking, which can help if you sweat while you sleep.

Another feature to consider is whether you’d prefer a simple or more stylish eye mask. Some brands offer eye masks in a variety of colors and patterns, making them a fun accessory for your pajamas or a cute gift for a friend. Others offer sleek, minimalist designs that look more like a headband than an eye mask.


While an eye mask may not eliminate all noise, a high-quality option can help reduce the distractions around your ears. Using the same technology as many expensive headphones, these sleep masks feature built-in earplugs that are engineered to block out ambient sound and allow you to focus on your own sleeping rhythm.

They’re also made with hypoallergenic, animal-friendly materials to keep you feeling comfortable throughout the night. And thanks to a hook-and-loop strap, this lightweight mask can be adjusted so it’s not too tight on your head. A bonus: It’s TSA-friendly, which means you can wear it while flying without worrying about breaking the rules.

The ultra-soft, 100% silk design of this mask ensures a soft, gentle feel on your face and neck. And because it’s hand wash only, you can rest assured that it won’t cause any sweating or irritation. Plus, the fabric is said to prevent wrinkles over time.

If you’re a light-sensitive sleeper, a deluxe sleep mask with built-in speakers and a remote can make it easier to fall asleep and stay asleep while streaming a soothing podcast or relaxing playlist. A few studies have found that both sleep masks and earplugs can help you reach REM sleep more quickly by eliminating distracting lights and sounds. In particular, a weighted sleep mask — which uses the same concept as weighted blankets to help you feel calm — can be particularly helpful for insomniacs.

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