Trends in Knitwear

Trends in Knitwear


Trends in Knitwear

Knitwear is a textile material, that is made by yarns formed into loops and interconnected. The textile structure does not use warp and weft threads like in other fabric types.

Consider expanding your knitwear range to include items for new product groups such as shoes, dresses or co-ords. Also, look at entering the sustainable knitwear market by using eco-friendly materials or developing a traceability system.

Trends in knitwear

Many knitwear products use a single colour for the whole garment, but some styles work in multiple colours to create varying textures and patterns. Using multiple colours can be very simple, with yarns that are variegated (changing color every few stitches in a random fashion) or self-striping, or more complicated techniques allow for large fields of colour like intarsia or busy small-scale patterning such as Fair Isle.

Some of the key trends emerging in knitwear are the introduction of bolder colours into outfits that wouldn’t normally be expected to contain them. This is particularly true for women’s knitwear, where flowered patterns and floral embroidery are becoming popular as well as ethnic designs (such as the African-Xhosa design used by brands like Maxhosa).

A popular trend that is set to continue in 2023 is amplifying the visual aesthetics of classically designed jumpers through the addition of textured or patterned details. This is seen in the Barbour Croome Knitted shirt, which draws on classic timelessness while also introducing a contemporary feel through the use of mixed textures.

Other important trends in knitwear include the expansion of product groups that incorporate knitted materials, such as trousers and dresses. This is a result of customers Knitwear demanding versatile year-round wardrobes that can be kept to a minimum and that are not perceived as seasonally restricted.

Ripped tops and cropped jackets or sweaters

A new trend in knitwear is ripped or distressed tops and jackets. These can be in classic plain colours, or can carry embroidery Knitwear or prints. Floral designs and animal prints are popular, particularly for women’s knitwear, and these can be incorporated into dressy or casual outfits.

The basic texture of a knitted fabric is flat stockinette stitch. This is created by knitting stitches in the round or flat, and can be varied with different patterns, such as ribbing or moss stitch. The texture of a knit fabric can also be changed by varying the gauge of the yarn used: a coarser yarn will have a thicker feel, and a finer yarn will be lighter in weight.

It’s important to keep up with design trends in knitwear to ensure your brand stays on-trend and attracts a loyal customer base. Fashion websites like Vogue and Who What Wear can provide a good overview of current styles. You can also follow the work of individual designers to see how they develop their collections. It’s important to know how these designs are translated into production and how the designs are handed over to technicians for prototyping, for example through technical sketches.

It’s also worth researching buyer requirements in terms of sustainability, eg ensuring that the yarn is sourced ethically and that the production processes are environmentally friendly. This is increasingly becoming a key factor in buyers’ buying decisions, and companies are beginning to put sustainability at the centre of their business.


When it comes to easy outfit styling, co-ords are a real winner. Whether you’re sporting a floral printed pyjama set or a cosy crop top and skirt combo, the beauty of matching sets is that they make it easier to achieve head-to-toe style at the touch of a button. They also require less wardrobe space and look good from every angle, making them ideal for holiday wear or even office attire.

This season, brands have gone floral where co-ords are concerned, painting orchids and over-sized palm prints onto tees and skirts that pair impeccably with an impeccably matching blazer or shirt. Designed to make you feel like you’re wearing something straight out of the pages of a fashion magazine, you can wear a co-ord suit with heels and a clutch for an elegant evening look or with your trusty trainers and a sling bag for a day exploring a city.

Celebs have been making a statement in co-ord sets this year, from Kiara Advani’s knotted top and asymmetric skirt to Sonam Kapoor Ahuja’s sophisticated notched waistcoat and trousers paired with a black clutch. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, this versatile trend is worth investing in and is bound to become a staple for your everyday look. The key is to start with pastel or neutral colours, then work your way up to more daring hues and designs.

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