Projector Headlights For Your Mustang

Projector Headlights For Your Mustang

retrofit projector headlights

Projector Headlights For Your Mustang

Projector headlights are brighter than reflector headlights and offer a sharp cut-off line so they won’t blind oncoming traffic. They also provide a sleek appearance that makes your Mustang stand out from the crowd.

Choose from LED, Xenon HID, and color-changing halos that can be added to front projector shrouds. For more information, check out our Guides -> Headlight Options.

Increased Visibility

Adding projector headlights to your Mustang can dramatically increase the amount of useable light on the road. This is because a projector is designed to direct the light from your vehicle’s bulb in an evenly distributed and tightly organized way. This provides a much brighter light than your stock reflector-based headlights.

Projectors work by using a series of thick concave mirrors to project intense light into a retrofit projector headlights tight pattern onto the road surface. In addition to the mirrors, a projector headlight contains an internal lens that acts as a magnifying glass to increase brightness. This is what gives the headlight its clean cut-off line and prevents you from blinding oncoming drivers.

Many people choose to swap out the original projector in their headlights with something a bit more powerful. They may opt for an HID or LED bulb, which is a great upgrade because these bulbs are more efficient than reflectors and last longer.

When choosing a retrofit kit, be sure to look for one that is designed specifically for your vehicle. This will help make the installation process go a lot smoother since there shouldn’t be any excess modification required for the kit to fit properly into your car. These kits will also often come with plug-and-play components so you can install your new headlights quickly and easily.

Increased Light Output

When you install projector headlights, they will help your car’s lights illuminate the road in a way that is both safer and more effective than standard reflector headlights. This is because projector headlights aim down – a better position for headlights that helps to avoid blinding other drivers.

The elliptical-shaped reflector found inside of a projector headlight works to focus the light and create a tightly focused beam pattern. A cut-off shield is also found within the projector headlight, and this helps to cut off part of the light emitted from the bulb in order to prevent it from blinding other drivers on the road.

A projector headlight can be fitted with a variety of different bulbs, including halogen, HID, and LED. Halogen bulbs are used most commonly, as they are a good fit for most projector headlights. However, if you want your projector headlights to be brighter and last longer, you should consider upgrading to an HID bulb.

Many projector headlight manufacturers like Morimoto make a variety of plug-and-play kits for vehicles of all makes and models. These kits are a great choice for anyone who wants to upgrade their headlights with a high-quality product that is backed by a warranty. GTR Lighting is another manufacturer that offers a wide range of headlight upgrades. Their LED projects have a clean cut-off and are available in many different colors, which gives you the option to customize your lights according to your preferences.

Sleek Appearance

Adding aftermarket projector headlights to your ride will not only upgrade the lighting performance of your car but also give it a sleek look that will set it apart from other cars. Unlike reflector headlights that blind other drivers and don’t project a strong enough light beam, projector headlights provide a much more focused beam that is visible from farther away.

With different headlight designs and styles available, you can choose the perfect projector lights for your vehicle. Depending on your preferences, you can choose a LED or HID projector headlight kit with the desired color temperature (6000K to 8000K). There are even headlight kits that come equipped with sequential LED DRLs. If you’re looking for a headlight with a unique aesthetic, check out our smoked black projector headlights with gloss black housings and smoked polycarbonate lenses. They are the perfect complement to a blacked-out Tacoma and will surely turn heads.

Another great option is the GTR Lighting headlights that offer a premium design with a high-performance HID bulb. These headlights are plug-and-play and backed by a 2-year warranty. They are a close second to Morimoto in terms of brightness and retrofit projector headlights output but have slightly different styling that could sway your decision. Shop all the headlights at Headlight Revolution today to discover which one is right for you!

Easy Installation

A projector retrofit transforms a reflector headlight into one that uses a projector for the purpose of focusing and controlling the beam pattern. This process is a little more complicated than simply putting in a HID kit as you have to precision cut the original headlight housing, custom mount the projector, and then align and secure it with a good quality epoxy. However, the work required for a projector retrofit is well worth it as you will have much more control over the light output of your headlights and will be able to eliminate any glare that may be present from the original reflector headlights.

When you choose a high-quality projector, such as a Morimoto Mini, the results will be far better than what you could get out of a cheap HID kit that someone else has thrown in their stock headlights. This is because you will be able to utilize the low beam of your stock headlights and then use the projector for the high beam to illuminate more of the road.

This will provide a more concentrated and focused beam of light that will be a lot easier on the eyes of other drivers. Adding a projector can also give you the option of using a front halo that will give your headlights a more sleek and modern look when it is turned off. This is especially beneficial on vehicles with black headlights and will help to highlight the etched lens that you have installed.

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