How a Double Sided Lightbox Can Increase the Visibility of Your Signage

How a Double Sided Lightbox Can Increase the Visibility of Your Signage

double sided lightbox

How a Double Sided Lightbox Can Increase the Visibility of Your Signage

Double-sided lightboxes increase the visibility of your display, enabling you to capture attention from multiple directions. They’re a great option for retail stores, restaurants and cafes, as they can act as both external and internal advertising fronts.

These illuminated displays are also programmable, which means they can be updated by computer. So, if you need to change your graphics, there’s no need for expensive graphic printing.

Easy to Assemble

A double sided lightbox is an excellent way to get more exposure for your signage. This type of display is especially effective in high traffic areas where people are constantly moving and changing direction. It also uses less power than other types of displays, making it a more energy-efficient choice. The LED lighting on these lights is also very durable and can last longer than traditional fluorescent bulbs, saving companies money over time.

This LED lightbox is designed to be portable and can be double sided lightbox set up in minutes. It is lightweight, so you can easily take it to and from events and trade shows. It also has a snap open frame and a quick clip design for easy sign updates. The backlit graphic is printed on a wrinkle resistant stretch fabric and can be easily replaced with a new one. The frame is made of durable aluminum and has a low profile that is easily seen in any setting.

This light box is a sleek and stylish display that features LED edge lights, a smooth surface finish and two feet for stability. It is easy to assemble and requires no tools. It is ideal for retail and event marketing. It also comes with a storage bag, so you can keep all the parts and pieces organized and safe while transporting it.


Double-sided light boxes can capture customers from both sides of the crowd, allowing them to see and interact with your product or brand. They are also made of durable materials, making them a long-term solution for your brand or storefront. These LED displays will not fade, crack or chip and are easy to clean.

Light boxes are often used as a tool for artists to transfer images or patterns from one surface to another. They are especially popular with animators, as they can quickly and accurately recreate a master copy of a subject or background, then simply trace over it to create different cell images for their animation project. Other artists use light boxes for embroidery, appliques, quilting, needlework, scrapbooking, embossing, tattoos and cut out work.

The Lumina Series is a modern take on the traditional lightbox with a sleek aluminum frame, push-fit graphics and LED edge lighting. It’s a unique choice for trade shows and can be shipped in a wheeled hard crate or case for storage and transport.

Each display features (2) 36″ x 72″ posters that can be displayed both horizontally and vertically for maximum visibility in any environment. The UL certified LED lights come pre-installed in the profiles and the electrical wires stay hidden from view. Its simple assembly process is a breeze with no tools required, simply clip open the edges of the frame and insert your custom SEG backlit fabric graphic into the recessed channels.


Unlike standard light boxes, double-sided backlit displays illuminate graphics on both sides, making them more attractive to passersby. Whether you display them in your storefront windows or on the trade show floor, your advertising will be more noticeable and work twice as hard to attract customers.

Most illuminated frames use Samsung LED technology to provide bright, even illumination across the lighted canvas. These energy-efficient bulbs consume significantly less electricity than traditional fluorescent bulbs, meaning they’re more environmentally friendly and cost-effective over the long term. This also means you’ll save money on energy costs while still delivering an eye-pleasing brightness that appeals to customers.

In addition to reducing your energy bill, LED lights last longer than conventional bulbs, so you won’t need to replace them as often. They’re also more resistant to heat, which makes them a better choice for environments with high traffic or where you need a durable graphic display that will stand up to the elements.

Our framed lightbox displays are made of sturdy aluminum for durability. They also come with a break-resistant acrylic window that protects your printed graphics from fading and scratching. You can choose from 25 matboard colors to further enhance your frame design and complement any interior decor. In oversized or extra-large light box frame sizes, a matching beveled matboard border is applied to the acrylic window for a clean look that further increases visual appeal.

Easy to Update

Unlike most backlit LED lightboxes, this one has an acrylic diffuser inside that distributes the light evenly. This prevents any hot or cold spots on your posters. The result is an even, brighter display that will attract customers.

This illuminated poster holder is easy to change and maintain, making it ideal for businesses that have constant changes in their messaging or promotions. The quick snap open frame allows you to quickly replace the backlit graphic without having to break out the sides of the sign or removing it from the frame. The LED lights in this light box are much more energy efficient than fluorescent bulbs, which means it saves on electricity costs over time.

Illuminated signage is great for grabbing the attention of shoppers passing by a window or patrons in a retail store. However, it’s also a popular choice for businesses that double sided lightbox want to display their message in a showroom or office. This front access backlit light box features an easy-to-use snap open frame design, bright backlit illumination and white LED lights.

Increasing signup or login conversions is a core metric for any digital business, and lightboxes are a highly effective tool for doing this. The best way to get the most out of your lightbox is to create a popup that’s relevant to the reason visitors are on your site or page. For example, a discount code on a product page or an email signup form at the end of a blog post are both great ways to encourage more interaction with your brand.

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