Are All Cotton Pads Created Equal?

Are All Cotton Pads Created Equal?

Disposable elastic cotton pad

Are All Cotton Pads Created Equal?

Cotton pads are an essential beauty cabinet staple that can be used for so many things like removing eye makeup, applying toner and exfoliating. But not all are created equal.

Most cotton pads are made from non-organic cotton which has a shocking environmental impact, especially when it comes to large scale farming and water usage. Instead opt for these reusable beauty rounds that are soft, absorbent and machine washable.

1. Soft and gentle

Whether you’re applying facial toner, removing eye makeup or nail polish or simply dabbing your face with a cool mist, you need to have a good quality cotton pad handy. It needs to be soft, lint-free and have great absorbency. Thankfully, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Some are thicker or more quilted than others, which increases the absorption. This can help you use less product and save money in the long run because you’re wasting fewer pads. You also want to make sure that it doesn’t have any harsh chemicals and is gentle on your skin.

These cotton pads from Intrinsics are super soft and stretch easily to accommodate any skincare service. They’re a little pricier than your drugstore picks, but they’ll last you hundreds of washing cycles and help you on your way to a zero-waste lifestyle.

Made from a combination of wood cellulose and short cotton fibers that would otherwise be wasted, these cotton rounds are super soft and gentle on your skin. They’re machine washable and come with a cute case that makes it easy to organize them for each day of the week. Plus, they’re a much better alternative to single-use cotton pads because they’re reusable.

2. Reusable

Reusing products is a great way to reduce waste and help save the Disposable elastic cotton pad planet. You can do this by reducing your consumption, using fewer disposables, and reusing items like cotton pads.

Reusable cotton pads are gentle on the skin, and they can be used again and again. They are also less expensive than disposable pads, and they are made from natural materials. They are a better choice for your health than disposable pads, which contain plastic, synthetic fibers, wool pulp, chlorine, artificial fragrances and pesticides. These chemicals can cause many health problems, including allergies, hormone disruption, and reproductive disorders.

You can use reusable pads with cloth inserts to protect your underwear from leaks during your period. Some brands, like GladRags, include elastic pad holders that clip around your underwear. You can also stuff the holder with additional inserts to provide heavier flow coverage or incontinence protection. Other options for reusable pads include Lunapads, which have an elastic holding system that secures the insert to the pad.

You can also use a soft old shirt or pillowcase to make your own reusable pads. Cut ten 3-inch by 3-inch squares out of the fabric and wash them before using. Alternatively, you can purchase reusable pads on the internet. Most are sold by small businesses, and they can be an excellent option for people with limited mobility or those who cannot leave the house.

3. Easy to clean

From removing nail polish to applying toner or exfoliating your skin, cotton pads are a bathroom cabinet staple. However, not all are created equal. Some are more absorbent, softer or more environmentally friendly than others.

These reusable makeup remover pads from Maca Valley are made with bamboo and organic cotton. They’re super soft and easy to clean. They come with a muslin cloth, making them perfect for removing makeup and a good alternative to disposable cotton pads or wipes. They also have a great quality feel to them, so you can expect them to last a long time.

They’re a bit pricier than your standard pack of disposable cotton pads, but they are 100% reusable and eco-friendly, making them worth it in our book. They’re also made from a combination of wood cellulose and short cotton fibers that would otherwise be trashed, which helps reduce waste. Plus, they come in an adorable case and are machine washable for easy cleaning.

4. Economical

The fact that they’re reusable is an obvious benefit but they’re also a good deal cheaper than disposable pads. Plus, they’re much more eco-friendly Disposable elastic cotton pad than pure cotton pads. Cotton is a natural material but it’s often coated in plastic which can have a negative impact on the environment both in terms of production and disposal. Plastics are derived from non-renewable fossil fuels which has a big impact on greenhouse gases and water pollution, as well as consuming a lot of energy and thirsty.

The best reusable cotton pads will be made from organic materials and often include a plant-based adhesive like vegetable gum glue. This makes them suitable for those who are unsure about using cotton pads that contain synthetic materials and can help reduce the risk of irritation for those with sensitive skin too. These reusable pads from Eco by Naty are made from wood cellulose and short cotton fibers that would otherwise be wasted and have received excellent reviews for being comfortable on the skin and not leaving any residue. They’re a bit pricier than some other options but can be used up to 1750 times and you’ll be able to add them to your laundry in the same way as regular pads without any extra washing effort needed.

They come in a range of sizes including overnight and wingless options plus panty liners. They’re free of perfumes, dyes and synthetics and are hypoallergenic too. The packaging and the pad itself are made from recycled materials too.

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