Choosing the Best iPhone Case

Choosing the Best iPhone Case

Choosing the Best iPhone Case

The case is designed to look sleek and stylish while offering exceptional drop protection. It features a combination of hard PC and TPU, plus flattering transparency and precise cutouts for all the important buttons and ports. It also works with wireless charging and MagSafe.

The clear cases clamp onto your iPhone like a second durable skin and come in various finishes, including bamboo or walnut wood. iBlason’s Ares case can handle up to twenty feet of drops and has impact-resistant bumpers around the edges.


There are many iPhone cases available from Spigen, including rugged ones that protect your phone against drops. These are perfect for people who often drop their phone or have clumsy fingers. For instance, the Rugged Armor case has an air cushion design that can withstand falls up to three feet. It is also made of carbon fiber and has a matte finish. Its grippy texture helps you hold your phone more securely.

Spigen also makes cases that have extra features, like a kickstand or a cardholder. These can help you lighten the amount of items you carry in your pockets. For example, the Nomad Goods Modern Leather Folio has room for three cards and some cash, which can save you from having to bring a wallet.

In addition to its plethora of designs and colors, Spigen’s line of iPhone cases includes some that are made of leather. These are great for people who want to keep their phones slim, but they still need protection from bumps and scratches. These cases are also great for people who prefer a more subtle look.

If you’re looking for a clear case, Spigen’s Liquid Crystal offers the best transparency available. It’s also easy to clean, and you can wipe it down with special wipes or a microfiber cloth. However, the case may start to develop a yellow tint over time. If this happens, you can try cleaning it with a solution of water and dish soap.


When an iPhone owner wants a transparent case, they have a lot of choices. However, few cases are as thin as this one from Spigen. It’s made from a single piece of TPU, which is similar to rubber but softer and more durable. It’s also inlaid with a series of repeating dots that iPhone Case prevent the water splotch look that plagues some clear cases. It adds virtually no bulk or weight to the phone, which makes it easier to slide into and out of pockets.

Mous has a more sophisticated approach to slim cases, featuring a patented material that they call AiroShock. This material has micro air pockets that act like springs to dramatically reduce the impact of drops. It’s also available in a few different finish options, including wood and aramid fiber. The latter is the same fabric that’s used in body armor, making it very strong.

The company’s founders are from Britain, and they have spent years working on factory production lines in China. They’ve become a YouTube sensation for their outlandish stunts, but they’re still operating their company from a WeWork Lab in Shenzhen. They’re also a surprisingly successful start-up, raising over $2.5 million through Indiegogo to launch their company. They now offer a variety of slim and protective phone cases. They’re also available in a wide range of colors and finishes, from basic silicone to full-grain leather.

Rifle Paper Company

The Rifle Paper Company is an international stationery, home and lifestyle brand based in Winter Park, Florida. Its collection of stationery, decor and more is crafted with co-founder Anna Bond’s hand-painted designs. The brand began in 2009 as a two-person business, and has since grown to employ more than 100 people across its offices in Winter Park and New York City.

If you’re a fan of the brand’s floral designs, then you might like their iPhone case. It comes in many different colors and patterns, and has up to 10 ft of drop protection. It also has antimicrobial protection, which reduces the growth of bacteria and germs on the surface. It’s also wireless charging compatible, which makes it even more convenient to use your phone.

Founded by husband-and-wife team Nathan and Anna Bond, the Rifle Paper Company is known for its beautiful floral stationary iPhone Case and other products. They’ve now expanded their line to include home decor, accessories and more. They’ve even teamed up with fabric maker Loloi to create their first furniture collection. The line includes 15 classic silhouettes infused with the company’s signature prints and floral designs.


Pela is a company that is changing the way phone cases are made. They’re the first to make a completely compostable case that reduces plastic pollution and offers protection for your phone. They use a combination of plant-based biopolymers and flax straw waste to create their products, which can be composted in six months or less.

They’re also free of toxins like lead, cadmium, and BPA, making them safer for the environment than traditional plastic cases. The cases are also more durable than traditional ones, so they can stand up to drops and other everyday wear and tear. They fit the iPhone 6 and above and come in a variety of colors and designs, including tie-dye, cosmic, and engraved styles.

Pela’s cases are made from a special material called Flaxstic, which is composed of 40% Canadian prairie flax straw and 60% plant-based biopolymers. This combination allows the cases to withstand drops and other everyday wear and tear while still being soft and flexible. The cases have a matte finish and a soft-touch feel, so they’re comfortable to hold and easy to clean. They also offer good protection from small scratches and dents. They’re available for the latest iPhones, as well as some Android phones, including the Samsung Galaxy series, Google Pixels, Huawei P50/Pro, and OnePlus 9.

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