Top 5 Gift Boxes to Show You Care

Top 5 Gift Boxes to Show You Care

Gift Box

Top 5 Gift Boxes to Show You Care

Gift boxes can express a range of emotions. Some are decorated to symbolize love and romance, while others convey solemnity or respect.

A box from Jasper Hill Farm features artisan cheese and snacks, such as toasted-almond toffee granola. They have collections for holidays and occasions like welcoming a new hire.

Build Your Own

A homemade gift box is always appreciated — it’s an indication that the giver cared enough to spend time making something rather than just buying something off-the-shelf. Whether it’s a small treat or something to cheer someone up, a handmade gift box can add a touch of thoughtfulness that an off-the-shelf one simply can’t.

Start with a piece of 9” x 9” and 6” x 6” stiff craft felt (not the paper kind). Make an X on the back of the paper, putting the points of the X in the center – these will be your tabs when you’re done.

Crease the X with a glue stick or Mod Podge and bring up the sides — each side should have its own little “tab” at the top and bottom, connecting the two halves of the box together.


Zingerman’s Mail Order sends extraordinary, traditionally made foods anywhere in America including hearth baked breads, handcrafted cheeses and varietal coffee. They also sell estate bottled olive oils, cured meats and other gourmet gifts.

The weekender gift box is an excellent all-purpose present because it’s Gift Box built from foods the recipient can dig right in. It includes sweet treats like a no-nut Black Magic Brownie and a dulce de leche caramel-layered Buenos Aires brownie, as well as Zingerman’s Peanut Brittle and sea salt potato chips. Savory snacks include farm bread, Holy Cow beef sticks and Zingerman’s Sour Cream Coffee Cake.

This is the perfect gift for displaced Ann Arborites or University of Michigan alumni who miss their old Deli days, or anyone who savors that New York je ne sais quoi in their sandwiches, garlicky pickles and pillowy black and whites.


Named for one of the Three Musketeers and founded by a French-born chef who quit her job after her New York City charcuterie turned down her collaboration with the first foie gras farm in the US, D’Artagnan delivers high-end pates, confit, and smoked delicacies to world-class restaurants and kitchens. The company also makes a wide range of products that you can’t find in grocery stores, such as quail and squab.

The online store is broken down into categories for meat and game, duck and poultry, foie gras and caviar, charcuterie (Olympia Provisions’ specialty), truffles and mushrooms, pantry, and gifts. All items come with D’Artagnan’s 100% satisfaction guarantee. The company also offers a curated assortment of specialty products, like wild boar, pheasant, and mangalica ham.

Milk Bar

Milk Bar is a funky, on-trend bakery with locations in New York City, Washington DC, Boston, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Toronto. Its upscale, yet youthful and friendly branding translates to a line of delicious desserts that’s ideal for any occasion or just to show someone you’re thinking of them.

Start with a gift box that includes a 6-inch Birthday Cake, a dozen cake truffles, and a slice of Milk Bar Pie. This can’t-fail starter pack is perfect for initiating Milk Bar rookies into the world of ooey-gooey pie, gobble-able cake truffles and layered cakes with unfrosted sides.

Cover all the bases x2 with bite-size cookie morsels in childhood favorites like compost, corn cookie, fudgy and salty-sweet. These tasty treats are also available in a cookie tin or as an assorted gift box.

Loved and Found

If you’re looking for a gift box that will show your loved ones how much you care, it’s important to select one that includes high-quality products and an assortment of items. Look for a company with reliable customer service to ensure that you can contact them if you have any questions or concerns.

Loved and Found is a curated gift box company that offers artisanal products in beautiful packaging. Their collections include women-made items, golf-related gifts for the avid sportsperson in your life, and a variety of other options. They also have a business tab for corporate and office gifts. The Wellness Essentials box, for example, contains a Vitruvi porcelain diffuser, Campo’s “Focus” essential oil, Silver Needle Tea Co’s black Wuyi tea, Sugarpaper’s linen jotter journal, and a BOXFOX golden pen.


Rooted in Japanese tradition yet infused with a sense of modern aesthetic, Kinto’s balance between design and function makes their tableware stand out. The mug’s lid has a barrier that lets liquids through but keeps ice cubes and water solid, resulting in a spill-proof and durable mug that delivers a satisfying drinking experience.

Upgrade mom’s tea and coffee setup with this elegant set. Pairing Kinto’s Unitea teapot with a fine blend of English Breakfast tea from Victorian tea brand Love Tea, this gift set delivers the complete tea experience.

Alternatively, treat mom to the Kinto Brewer Stand Gift Set with Melbourne roaster ACoffee’s Yukro Filter Blend, already ground to suit pourover and ready to brew. The 700ml glass Gift Box jug paired with the all-metal brewer stand means starting your day is as easy as placing a filter in the holder and pouring water over it.

Game Night

Whether you’re looking for a unique DIY gift idea for your own family or want to give something fun and thoughtful to a lucky receiver, consider putting together a game night basket. It’s the perfect way to encourage people to turn off their screens and spend quality time with their loved ones.

This gaming care package from Goodly comes with everything they need for a fun night at home, including the Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza Card Game, Jones sodas, candy favorites, and more. It’s the perfect gift for a long distance friend or as a thank you to someone special. The best part is that it’s a pretty affordable option!

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