John Deere LED Work Light Upgrade

John Deere LED Work Light Upgrade

John Deere LED Work Light

John Deere LED Work Light Upgrade

See farther, wider and better with LED technology that illuminates up to 330 percent brighter than halogen. Plus, LEDs draw less electrical power so they’re easier on your battery and alternator.

UTV Products offers a variety of grill LED lights that are designed to fit all popular John Deere and CaseIH models. Each OEM replacement light bolts right into the existing wiring and is easy to install.

Brighter Light

Boost your night shift productivity with LED lights that illuminate up to 330 percent brighter than traditional sealed beam bulbs. They also consume less current, which reduces stress on your equipment’s electrical system. Plus, they last up to 5 times longer than halogen bulbs. This combination makes them an ideal upgrade to replace factory light bulbs on your tractor, cab or boom.

Designed to meet the demanding conditions of modern machinery, these DOT-approved LED work lights feature filters that eliminate unwanted radio and electromagnetic frequencies from external sources. They John Deere LED Work Light are built with RoHS compliant, durable polycarbonate lenses, die-cast aluminum housing and stainless-steel hardware. This allows them to handle vibration, dirt, dust and moisture.

The CREE LED chip produces a natural white light that mimics the color spectrum of the mid-day sun and helps reduce eye strain for greater comfort. The light output is bright enough to cut through dense crop residue, hay bales and other obstructions. These recessed LED work lights are easy to install as a direct replacement for the front upper cab or rear fender and boom work lights on premium John Deere tractors, combines and excavators.

They also fit on a variety of other premium brands of tractors and excavators with the same mounting and connector. Simply plug into existing wiring to install and enjoy the benefits of this superior upgrade.

Less Eye Strain

The brilliant LED work light illuminates up to 330 percent brighter than halogen bulbs and allows you to see more of your tractor or agricultural equipment, so you can do more at night. This reduces eye strain by mimicking natural sunlight and helps you keep working longer when the job requires it. LED lights also draw less electrical power, making them easier on your battery and alternator.

The Scorpius PRO has a wide, flood light pattern that covers a large area – up to a 25×25 meter area, meaning more of your equipment is lit than with many competing products. This light pattern is achieved by focusing the LED work lights to cover a larger area in front of the machine rather than simply shining them directly on the test sensor like many competing products.

Our LED work lights use a unique dampening system called QUAKE which is designed to distribute any shock or vibration throughout the entire system. This means that the impact is evenly distributed and the light can be pushed to its limits without being damaged or requiring repairs. This durability extends to the life of the LED work light, reducing maintenance costs for you and your equipment.

Longer Lifespan

In addition to the increased illumination and John Deere LED Work Light clarity provided by LED lights, they also last a lot longer than traditional bulbs. This means that you will not have to worry about replacing your tractor lights as often, saving you time and money.

In fact, some manufacturers provide an estimated lifespan of their LED work lights based on normal usage in typical conditions. While this is a useful guideline, you should consider the actual usage and circumstance in which you will be operating your equipment. This will determine how much light output you will get out of your new LED lights.

You should also look at the lumen output of each LED work light to make sure it is right for your application. This is measured in both raw and effective lumens. You will want to choose an LED work light with a higher effective lumens rating, as this indicates that the work light will produce more visible light.

One of the best LED work lights on the market is the LLP-JD-TR-7230-CLU from Larson Electronics. This LED light upgrade kit includes four LEDLB-10R-CPR LED flood lights and two LEDEQ-3X2-CPR LED work lights for John Deere 7230 Tractors. The flood lights mount around the cab for area lighting, while the work lights mount as headlights for the tractor. Both of these lights are built using CREE LED units for high-performance and extreme longevity.

Easy to Install

Upgrade your tractor, ATV or other industrial machinery with LED lights that shine up to 330% brighter than halogen and are engineered specifically for the machine they will be installed on. LED lights are designed to be used as headlights, work lighting or warning lights and provide superior illumination while using less power than halogen bulbs.

NORDIC LIGHTS produces a wide range of work lights for John Deere excavators, skid steers and other equipment. Whether you need to upgrade the lights in your compact excavator or if you are upgrading the factory lighting in your large excavator, we have the perfect solution for you. Our lights are engineered for the exact mounting configuration of your machine and come with a plug-n-play connector that connects to your existing wire harness.

Our work lights are tested and certified by an independent laboratory to ensure that they meet or exceed the original equipment specifications. This ensures that you get the highest quality product at a competitive market price.

The NL-JD-TR-4630-V2 LED work light kit is a direct replacement for the cab lights on premium John Deere 4630 series tractors. It has a small oval shape that is designed to fit in the same spot as the OEM lights. These lights look more like a traditional LED light than a traditional HID light. The small size means that they are much lighter than the OEM lights, but have a powerful flood light pattern.

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