International Freight Solutions

International Freight Solutions

international freight solutions

International Freight Solutions

International freight solutions are becoming increasingly important due to leaner shipper inventories, just-in-time manufacturing, rising warehousing costs and tight delivery timeframes. In this episode, Rebecca Young of Personalised Freight Solutions Global shares key lessons learned when exporting and importing machinery, infrastructure and project cargo.

Choose the best service for your shipment based on destination, weight and size, urgency and price.

Ocean Freight

Ocean freight shipping transports products, packages and goods packed in containers shipped via cargo ships that sail and dock in ports around the world. Most items can be shipped through ocean freight, including refrigerated or frozen goods. However, dangerous or flammable liquids and solids require special guidelines to ship through the system.

Compared to air freight, ocean freight has the benefit of lower fuel costs and carbon emissions. It is also a cost-effective method of shipping intercontinental shipments.

As a licensed Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier and Ocean Transportation Intermediary, CEVA provides global and local Less-Than-Container Load (LCL) and Full Container Load (FCL) ocean freight services. Our experts source predictably priced capacity throughout the year, providing competitive rates and a high degree of flexibility to meet your specific needs.

Air Freight

Miami International Freight Solutions works with domestic and international airlines, air express companies and line-haul truckers to ensure freight arrives at its destination. It also helps expedite customs clearance by providing an integrated import software solution and working as a CBP ACE pilot site.

While shipments by sea and land are largely controlled by external factors, air transportation is international freight solutions more reliable as flights depart and arrive on a set schedule. Consequently, shipping times for air cargo are significantly faster.

Additionally, fewer packing materials are required for air shipments, which reduces costs. Finally, the shorter transportation time helps reduce insurance premiums.

Road Freight

We offer direct full-load, part-load and groupage road freight services across the UK, Europe, Turkey, Russia, CIS/Middle East and North Africa. With a range of dedicated vehicles and flexible transit times, we can ensure your goods get where they need to be, on time.

Choosing the right transportation mode is crucial for cutting down logistics costs and increasing your shipping process’s efficiency. This is why understanding the different types of freight solutions and their pros and cons will help you make the best decision.

Intermodal is a type of freight solution that utilizes two or more modes of transport such as truck, rail, and container ships. Its main benefits include reduced handling and a lower risk of damage. It also offers cost savings and faster transit times compared to truckload.

Rail Freight

Train transport is an optimal solution for pre-planned long-hauls that can reduce the number of trucks in your supply chain, resulting in lower costs. With steady investments in rail infrastructure, trains are also more safe than OTR trucks, and GPS tracking keeps tabs on your shipments.

Large railroads focus on efficiently moving bulk freight across large distances. This type of freight is a fit for companies shipping bulk materials like coal, chemicals, paper and pulp, agricultural products and oil & energy. However, the logistics of getting this freight from a truck into rail equipment can be complicated. Logistics service providers with the right TMS system can solve this challenge and offer a seamless integration of rail freight. This allows shippers to take advantage of the cost savings of rail freight while focusing on making their business great.

Customs Brokerage

Many goods and raw materials cross borders every day. However, shipping regulations vary greatly from country to country. Customs brokerage firms are responsible for knowing these rules and ensuring they are followed, including determining the proper classification of your goods (known as the HS code). They also streamline the process by eliminating paperwork and handling all customs duties.

Licensed and regulated by CBP, customs brokers can help you meet federal requirements governing imports and exports. They have expertise in entry procedures, admissibility requirements, tariff classification and valuation, and rates of duty and taxes on imported goods. They also prepare import and international freight solutions export documents and file them with CBP on behalf of their clients, and charge a fee for their services. They must exercise due diligence in making financial settlements and in answering correspondence.


With the rise in global trade and commerce, it is imperative that companies have warehouse management solutions in place to keep up with demand. Warehouse solutions can include tracking inventory, optimizing space to increase revenue, and keeping up with sales trends.

PFS Global specialises in exporting and importing machinery, infrastructure and project cargo as well as providing customs brokerage services and warehousing solutions. Their clients range from small local businesses to large international corporations.

Air freight shipping is the fastest way to ship goods internationally, so it’s perfect for time-sensitive shipments. However, it can be expensive. That’s why it’s important to choose a warehouse solution that fits your needs and budget. Depending on your business, you may need a simple warehouse management system or something more sophisticated.


Dedicated to providing superior service for our customers, MIFS works with airlines, air express companies, line-haul and specialty truckers for transportation of freight. In addition, we are well-versed in export procedures and customs clearance processes. We can coordinate and manage the export process for your international shipments from start to finish. We can also provide a variety of warehouse locations for storage and distribution to destinations all over the world. MIFS is fully insured and licensed to transport all commodities.

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