How a Smart Doorbell Can Enhance Your Home Security

How a Smart Doorbell Can Enhance Your Home Security

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How a Smart Doorbell Can Enhance Your Home Security

A smart doorbell lets you see who’s at the front door, even when you can’t open it. Some models also have built-in facial recognition and night vision capabilities.

It works with Apple HomeKit (and other iCloud-enabled devices) for tight integration, and it uses end-to-end encryption for its video storage. Other features include a live view on your smartphone, two-way audio, and monitoring zones.

Sense of Security

With a smart doorbell camera, you can have peace of mind even when you’re not home. You won’t have smart doorbell to wonder if the dog walker stopped by or whether your teenager got home safely after school. Depending on the model you choose, it may also have features like intelligent motion detection that filters out things such as swaying tree branches or passersby on your sidewalk.

You can also use a smart doorbell to keep tabs on elderly family members or children. With video, you can see if they’re taking medication or doing chores without disturbing them. It can also help you avoid scams by letting you see who is calling before answering the door. You can also get notifications if someone tries to break into your home and remotely turn on your smart lights or sound the alarm to scare them away.

And as e-commerce continues to grow, you can prevent packages from being stolen off your porch with a smart doorbell camera. Many thieves (affectionately known as “porch pirates”) wait for delivery drivers to leave boxes on their front steps, then swoop in and steal the goods. A smart doorbell can let you know when a package is delivered and give you the opportunity to talk with the courier to ask them to leave it on your back porch or driveway instead.


A smart doorbell can be an excellent addition to a home security system. The ability to arm and disarm your entire home security system from a mobile app and access video camera feeds anywhere are just two of the many conveniences offered by these devices.

Some smart doorbells also have the capability to connect to a voice assistant and offer hands-free interaction with visitors from inside your home. This is especially useful when you are busy with kids or work and don’t want to leave your home to screen who is at the door.

Another benefit of smart doorbells is their ability to record 24/7 motion-triggered footage and audio without you having to be at home. Some models, such as the Google Nest doorbell, have built-in storage with a timer to record up to 10 days of events, while others such as the Eufy Video Doorbell use cloud video storage. Both options are available depending on your preferences and budget.

A smart doorbell can also help to deter porch pirates, who target homes by stealing deliveries off of porches or wheelie bins. With the rise of online shopping, this is an increasing issue for many people. A smart doorbell with video capabilities lets you see who is at your front door and can even play a pre-recorded message to let them know that you’re not home, and ask them to leave the delivery elsewhere or come back later.

Easy Setup

Most battery-operated smart doorbells offer a simple setup process that shouldn’t take more than an hour to complete. You’ll need to download the appropriate app on your smartphone and follow the step-by-step instructions. Some models may require a WiFi extender for the best results. This can help boost your router’s range, which can become obstructed by exterior walls or other objects.

Wired video doorbells may have a more challenging installation process, since you’ll likely need to pay an electrician to run low-voltage wiring. However, they tend to be less maintenance-intensive and offer better image quality than battery-powered models. Wired video doorbells also come with the option for professional monitoring.

Some models allow you to keep recordings on your phone or device for free, while others require a subscription fee. If you choose to purchase a model that requires a subscription, it’s important to note how much storage is included with each plan. You may find that the recording’s onboard storage starts to fill up after a while, or the doorbell will begin erasing older events to make room for new ones.

Most people aren’t home all day. They have work to do, errands to run or children to chauffeur around. A video doorbell lets them see who is on the doorstep before answering, making it easier to ward off potential burglars. It can also scare away porch pirates, who often steal deliveries off of front porches.


Many smart doorbells offer add-on features that can enhance your home security. These include night vision cameras that capture clear images even in the dark, two-way audio that lets you speak with visitors remotely, and motion alerts that notify you of activity in your yard. Some of these add-ons require a monthly subscription, but you can also get them for free.

You can also find wired video doorbells that integrate seamlessly with other smart devices like smart displays and speakers. For example, the Ring Pro 2 works with Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant. You can ask these devices to show you your front door, and they can act as wireless chimes when someone rings the doorbell. You can also use the automation website If This Then That to log every time the doorbell is pressed and display that information on another device.

The Nest Hello doorbell offers similar functionality as long as you have the $6-a-month Nest Aware subscription. This unlocks features such as object identification (which identifies people, vehicles, and other objects), smart doorbell facial recognition, and activity zones. However, these functions work on Google’s servers instead of in the doorbell, which may be an issue for some.

Another option is to buy a wireless video doorbell that can work with your existing chime, such as the Eufy Wi-Fi Smart Doorbell Camera. It can be installed without any tools and uses your 2.4 GHz WiFi network to connect to the doorbell. When someone presses the doorbell, it will ring your chime and also send a notification to your smartphone. It has intelligent motion detection that can distinguish between human and animal movements, which helps reduce false alerts and allows you to keep an eye on the neighborhood.

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