Emsculpt Machine – The Secret of the A-List

Emsculpt Machine – The Secret of the A-List

emsculpt machine

Emsculpt Machine – The Secret of the A-List

The emsculpt machine has been the secret of the A-list since its debut in 2018. High-intensity focused electromagnetic energy stimulates super powerful muscle contractions that aren’t possible through normal exercise.

The EMS device supports muscle growth and toning while burning fat in the targeted area. This makes it a popular choice for beauty salons, fitness facilities, and spas.


Unlike other body-sculpting treatments, Emsculpt doesn’t require invasive surgery to be effective. Instead, this non-invasive treatment delivers results by stimulating muscle contractions and reducing fat accumulation in the treated area. During the treatment, patients will feel intense but tolerable muscle contractions in the targeted area.

A trained practitioner will apply one or two paddles to the targeted area while you lie comfortably. The paddles will deliver electromagnetic energy to your muscles, prompting them to powerfully contract over 30 minutes. These contractions activate your muscles’ motor neurons, triggering muscle growth in the treated area. This leads to improved muscle tone, strength, and definition not achievable through traditional strength training alone.

During the process, your body will also break down excess fat cells in your targeted area to supply energy during these muscle contractions. These cells are then broken down and naturally eliminated through the lymphatic system, leaving your body slimmer and more defined.

Unlike the original Emsculpt, which only used electromagnetic energy to stimulate muscle contractions, emSculpt Neo uses RF (radiofrequency) heat technology to simultaneously eliminate fat and build muscle in just one session. The combination of HI-EMT and RF energy directly stimulates your muscle’s motor neurons, activating nearly 100% of your muscle fibers to create a more toned and lean physique. Moreover, the heating action of this treatment stimulates blood flow to the targeted area for speedier recovery and faster results.

Fast Results

Emsculpt uses High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic Technology (HIFEM) to contract your muscles hundreds or thousands of times in just a few seconds. This hypercontraction of the muscles creates a muscle-building effect as well as a 15% fat burn.

This FDA-cleared device is the only one of its kind to build muscle and burn fat at the same time. Clinical studies have shown that you can add up to 20% muscle emsculpt machine mass in the treated area and reduce unwanted fat by up to 15%.

During the treatment, your practitioner will start with a low intensity and increase it over the course of the half-hour session as much as you can tolerate. They will check in with you to ensure that you’re comfortable. Most people can tolerate close to the maximum level of intensity by their first session.

As the machine contracts your muscles, it strengthens your muscle fibers while triggering a fat-burning process called lipolysis. During this process, your body breaks down localized fat cells, metabolizes them, and excretes the waste.

You’ll see results after just a few sessions of EMSCULPT. The results will last as long as you maintain your new muscle mass with diet and exercise. But you’ll want to come back for maintenance treatments every six months or so to keep your muscles from atrophy. You can even combine EMSCULPT with other body-contouring devices like CoolSculpting or SculpSure.

No Pain

Even for people with a strong fitness focus, there may be one or emsculpt machine more muscle groups that are difficult to tone no matter how many crunches or reps of squats you do. Emsculpt, a high-tech device that uses state of the art technology to cause supra-maximal muscle contractions, is a great way to kickstart muscle growth and strength.

During treatment, a practitioner secures the device over the muscle area to be treated. The machine then emits electromagnetic waves that cause muscle contractions in a cycle of varying intensity to maximize efficacy. The sessions last about 30 minutes. Some patients will feel some mild soreness in the area after treatment, but it is not debilitating.

While the device stimulates muscle contractions, it also causes a breakdown of fat cells in the body through a process called lipolysis. The combination of fat-cell destruction and muscle tightening results in stronger, more defined muscles.

EMSCULPT Neo is the latest version of the device that celebrities have flocked to since its launch in 2018. It can be used on large muscle groups such as the stomach and buttocks, as well as smaller body areas like the arms, thighs, and calves. The device uses radio frequency heating to burn fat and electromagnetic waves to contract muscles, making it the first nonsurgical contouring device that can do both. Kim Kardashian, Lisa Rinna, Molly Sims and Bethenny Frankel are among those who have incorporated this two-in-one body-sculpting device into their fitness routines.

No Downtime

In one short session of just 30 minutes, you’ll tone targeted muscle groups utilizing electromagnetic muscle stimulation. This is the ideal treatment for those areas of the body that are immune to regular exercise (such as the thighs, arms, and buttocks). EmSculpt can also sculpt post-pregnancy mommy tummies that have become distended from pregnancy. Dr. Schwarzburg uses it at his private dermatology clinic in NYC to help women with rectum diastasis and overall “mommy makeovers”.

The emsculpt machine works by using electrical muscle stimulation to trigger contractions in the muscles of the targeted area. The muscle contractions work your underlying muscles, stimulating natural muscle growth, and the fat cells in the area are broken down by the heat, leading to a reduction in stubborn fat in the treatment area. This is a non-invasive way to build muscle and lose fat, making it a popular choice for spas and beauty salons to offer as a treatment.

The latest incarnation of the EMS sculpting machine, called EMSculpt Neo, takes this technology to another level. In addition to the advanced HIFEM energy, EMSculpt Neo also emits radiofrequency heat, giving it dual-energy for simultaneous fat elimination and muscle building in a single 30-minute session. This makes it the world’s first and only device that offers this revolutionary combination. The combination of these energies has been shown to lead to a significant 30% decrease in stubborn fat and an average of 6% increase in muscle mass.

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