Choosing the Right Parts For Your BMW

Choosing the Right Parts For Your BMW

Choosing the Right Parts For Your BMW

When your BMW needs a replacement part, there are many options available. Choosing the right ones can help you reduce your repair bills and maintain your vehicle’s resale value.

Manufacturer-recommended OEM parts are the best choice for your BMW, as they meet rigorous performance standards and ensure that all components work together perfectly. Learn about the different types of BMW parts and where they come from.


Genuine BMW parts are the exact same as the ones that came on your car when it rolled off the assembly line. They’re the highest quality option and are backed by the manufacturer’s warranty. While you can find aftermarket replacement parts, it’s best to stick with genuine BMW components if possible.

Genuine parts are also referred to as OEM BMW parts. The manufacturer outsources production of many parts to different companies for production under contract. For example, BMW might put together a mechanical design specification and quality requirements for an engine part, then send this information out to numerous corporations for bids on manufacturing that particular part. The company that submits the most competitive bid wins the production contract and the part becomes an OEM BMW part.

If you want to boost your vehicle’s performance, BMW makes a wide range of OEM parts that will help you get more power and better handling. Popular BMW performance parts include upgraded air filters, exhaust systems, and suspension components. Interior accessories are primarily geared toward improving comfort or style in the cabin of your BMW. Popular interior accessories include all-weather floor mats, storage solutions, and upgraded trim pieces.


The best parts for your BMW are OEM or Genuine. These are the parts that were used in the factory to build your vehicle and they’re what’s recommended parts for bmw by the manufacturer for replacements. These parts are also the most expensive, but they are consistent, high quality, and backed by a reliable manufacturer.

BMW makes very few of their own parts, so most of the parts for your car are made by companies that specialize in OE production and are resold to BMW dealerships. These are the same as Genuine parts and often have the BMW branding removed to save money. Typically these are the best options when it comes to replacing any part on your car.

Lastly there are parts that are not OE or OEM, but they are still very high quality. These are 3rd party parts that have been vetted by BMW and meet their rigorous standards. They are not branded BMW, but they usually have the name of the company that makes them on them (such as Mann or Mahle).

When you’re in the market for new car parts, it’s important to understand what your options are and what the difference is between each. With so many different manufacturers and suppliers, it can be difficult to find the right car parts for your BMW.


A BMW is an exceptionally engineered car, so it’s important to use only genuine parts in its repair and maintenance. The wrong components could diminish your vehicle’s performance, reduce its longevity, or even damage the car altogether. Using aftermarket parts may seem tempting, as they can be cheaper than genuine BMW parts. But they’re also likely to be of lower quality.

BMW has very high standards for strength and longevity in its replacement parts. Unless your mechanic recommends aftermarket BMW parts, stick to the original brand and get the best performance from your BMW near Roselle and Prospect Heights.

OEM parts, or original equipment manufacturer parts, are produced by the same manufacturers as the car itself. These parts are the same ones used to build the car, so they’re the best option if your car needs repairs or upgrades. Unfortunately, OEM parts are sometimes hard to find, as they’re only sold through BMW dealerships and other authorized auto service centers.

Aftermarket BMW parts are made by a variety of 3rd party companies parts for bmw that specialize in making certain types of car parts. Generally, aftermarket BMW parts are more affordable than OEM parts and can be found at a variety of places online, including BMW’s Bimmerzone. The only problem with aftermarket parts is that they’re not held to the same standard as OEM parts.


Accessories are designed with both form and function in mind, making them a perfect addition to your BMW near West St Louis. Unlike the automotive accessories found at commercial auto parts stores, OEM BMW accessories are designed with your specific vehicle in mind and are generally compatible with your new car’s limited warranty. Our selection includes everything from floor mats and cargo carriers to acoustic door speakers, rechargeable LED flashlights, and comfort coat hangers. We also have maintenance products like interior care wipes, foam leather cleaner, windshield washer concentrate, and UV protection. We have just about anything you need to keep your BMW running at its peak.

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