Key Tags – A Cost-Effective Marketing Tool

Key Tags – A Cost-Effective Marketing Tool

Key Tag

Key Tags – A Cost-Effective Marketing Tool

Key tags are a cost-effective marketing tool that can be used by entrepreneurs and small businesses. They are miniature mobile billboards that spread awareness about a company or brand for a fraction of the cost involved in traditional marketing campaigns.

The Tagging feature supports tagging of Cloud Servers, Client Key Tag Images, and Public IP Blocks. You can also tag assets by their department using Tag Key and Value pairs.


Key tags are a powerful marketing tool that can be used for a number of purposes. They can promote your business, gather useful data, strengthen customer loyalty and much more. And best of all, they’re cost-effective compared to other marketing mechanisms.

Unlike apps and other mobile marketing, key tag designs can be used with point-of-sale systems through barcodes and QR codes. This allows you to feature the latest product launches, discounts, and special deals on your key tag design so that customers can easily keep up with your brand. In addition, you can use key tags to build strong relationships with your audience at trade shows and expos by giving them as promotional giveaways. This way, your customers will constantly be reminded of the brand and will be prompted to seek out products or services offered by the company.

The great thing about a key tag is that it is an effective form of subliminal advertising. Your customers will see it every time they open their car doors or pull out their keys. This ensures that your message is seen, even when they are in the middle of a conversation with friends. In addition, your customers will be able to share their experiences with other people, further increasing the reach of your marketing campaign. As a result, you’ll get more new clients than ever before.


Key tags are attention-grabbing and easy to customize, making them an effective marketing tool. They are also great for loyalty programs, and can be used as membership cards for gyms, hotels, spas, and other service-driven businesses. Plastic key tags are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, and can be printed with bar codes, QR Codes, and more. They can even be made to have a hole in them, which is ideal for punch-based rewards programs like restaurants’ 5th punch free program. Each imprinted tag comes with a metal c-link and split rings for added convenience.

You can choose a design from our large selection of motivational key tag designs, or you can upload your own art and text. All tags come with a hot stamped name, address and room number and postage guarantee.

Easy to Customize

When you want to advertise your business or spread the word, personalized key tags are an eye-catching and affordable option. Available in standard styles, fun shapes and bonus options like bottle openers, these simple giveaways can help you brand your business or message to a large audience. They can be used to promote a Key Tag car dealership, hotel, auto body shop, restaurant or other local business. Hand them out during promotional events, charity fundraisers and other marketing efforts.

Promotional key tags are compact and easily transportable, making them a smart choice for hotels, restaurants, gyms, schools and auto repair shops. They can be customized with a barcode, allowing customers to use them as membership cards or loyalty club cards to sign in and get rewards. They are also a great way to show your appreciation for repeat customers and increase customer retention.

Our eclectic collection of custom key tag products includes a variety of designs to meet the needs of any industry or event. We offer floating key chains perfect for boating and the beach, metal key separators to organize apartment and vehicle keys and whimsically shaped items to celebrate your bank, travel or construction business. You can even find a variety of LED light key chains to make your brand stand out. All of our custom printed key chains and accessories are expertly crafted and priced to fit your budget.

Easy to Give Away

Custom key tags are a great giveaway item for trade shows, expos and networking events. They can be customized to feature your company’s logo, brand message and contact information, making them a cost-effective way to reach potential customers. Plus, branded key tags are an ideal tool for customer loyalty programs, as they will remind your customers of your business each time they use them.

Create personalized key chains by threading beads or other decorative baubles on leather string. This is a fun craft that’s suitable for kids as well. You can also use a keychain to display a special quote or mantra, or make it a quirky way to commemorate a trip. The best part about this project is that you can customize it with the colors, patterns and designs that suit your personality.

Another option for personalizing your keys is to add a colorful or unique bar code to them. This can be especially helpful in service shops, markets and other places where adhesive labels may damage the item. These types of key tags can also be used to highlight special offers or discounts, seasonal sales and new products. A QR code can be printed on them, which can be scanned by your mobile device to provide instant access to a website or other online content.

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